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Sunday, 03 May 2015


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If anyone is close by to our host, can you drop by to see if he has been allowed out from under his computer desk yet? I do fear something has gone sideways with the pending inspection.

Whitewall you can tell David is getting on a wee bit when he says hoover instead of carpet sweeper. He has probably obtained a bottle of Asbach Brandy and is slightly inebriated.

Passed inspection with flying colours, Whitewall, I even received a peck on the cheek for my troubles!

Jimmy, in my book a carpet sweeper is a broom!

Sorry chaps but I always called a carpet sweeper a wife (oops that's me sleeping in the garden shed tonight)

And I hope the wound heals quickly, 'Cuffers'.

Well 'Cuffers' you'd better make that a shed in a distant neighborhood.

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