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Friday, 08 May 2015


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DC has noticed too...

Reminds me of the recruiting scene from Henry IV, part 2:

Shadow will serve for summer; prick him, for we have
a number of shadows to fill up the muster-book."

And later:

Is thy name Wart?

Yea, sir.

Thou art a very ragged wart.

Shall I prick him down, Sir John?

It were superfluous; for his apparel is built upon
his back and the whole frame stands upon pins:
prick him no more."

That's the trouble with journos these days, they just swallow anything they're told.

"Austerity"? There hasn't been any! Yes, the deficit has been reduced - very slightly year on year - but the national debt continues to rise. The only difference is that the Tories only spend money like half-drunk sailors, Labour would go the whole hog!

He could do worse than offer Nigel Forage a consultancy within the Cabinet Office. The fact that a third more people in the UK voted UKIP than Lib Dim should show him that some of their policies are worth considering.

The WAPO like most of the MSM is terrified of the "austerity" word. Especially if, as you said, "there hasn't been any".

Cameron should not give any more handouts to Scotland. It is time the Scottish Government used its tax raising powers or admit they agree with austerity.

There are two issues which you've missed out David: First, Energy. Unless we squash the insanely hubristic Climate Change Act then little else matters. When we're freezing in the dark, unable to shop because the stupid tills don't work and we can't get on the web to order from Ocado, then what the boys and girls in Westminster get up to is of little consequence.

It's true that the defeat of Davey and the rest of the lib dems, (oh dear, how sad, never mind), gives dim Dave the chance to dump all the 'green crap', but will he take it? Answers on a postcard to Samatha Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SE1.

The other great issue is the 'bonfire of the quangos'. It is truly amazing that we pay so many people six figure salaries, (and more), to tell us how stupid we are and how much better they can live our lives than we can.

Dave, burn the fuckers! Take off and nuke them from orbit! It's the only way to be sure!

Kevin quangos are a middle class invention where middle class people invent jobs at the discretion of the government. After a while they chop some of the jobs and those chopped get large pay offs. And then they discretely move to another quango and another payoff.
Scottish Enterprise is the classic case. We were never told how many real jobs were created or how many start up businesses were helped. But millions were spent on redundancy and pensions. Nice we earner.

David in your exuberance you got Dunkies first name wrong. The man was a Guardsman so do get it right.

Calm down, Kevin dear, you've been playing those video games again! Even so, You're quite right about the greenery nonsense but still, an imperfect world is always improved by the lack of a Davey! And you're even 'more right' about those quangos. Actually, it will be fascinating to see how Dave conducts his government now that he lacks the Lib-Dems as an excuse for doing daft things!

The error in your thinking is that YMD believes in the same things as Mr Petulance!

"Mr Petulance"?????

This actually happened? If so, the elections went better than I thought. Tory victory sparks #LondonRiots; Sore losers ‘need intensive lessons in democracy’

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