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Thursday, 07 May 2015


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Dim Dave is is promising a referendum partly because he knows we'll probably bottle it and vote to stay in the EU. Money, the power of authority and an endless barrage of scare stories will swing it. Dim Dave knows it is we who are dim.

I think you're probably right, Uncle, but half a chance is better than no chance!

I've just voted to bring the temple crashing down around our heads, but sadly my little shove is not likely to do the business. At least this time.

I'm hoping for a big UKIP vote even if we don't get many UKIP MPs and I'm pretty sure that Nigel's boys will give red Ed as big a scare as they give pink Dave and that this result might shock the political establishment into actually giving a shit about what large sections of the population actually think, rather than paying lip service to us around election time, then betraying us the rest of their time in office.

The effect of a large UKIP vote on the prospects for a referendum, (on the prospects of getting one and/or the prospects for the result), are, to say the least, interesting as are the prospects of a, (sadly metaphorical), hung parliament.

Interesting times, old bean, though at my age I'm not sure that it would be better for me to live through those times or to gracefully give up the ghost before the results start to take effect. (Although with the idiocy of the main parties energy policy, the matter might well be taken out of my hands. We might all freeze to death in the dark sometime in the next couple of years.)

Just back from the pub for voting and beer. Walked in and was accosted by people with blue rosettes. Can we see your Voter Registration Card (VRC). If you buy me a beer otherwise NO. Into the polling station. Got your VRC says Polling Clerk. Yes thanks. Can I see it - NO. With a sigh he finds me on the Electoral Roll which is just in front of him. No ID is asked for or given. I could be Mohammed Boe. As I drop my vote into the box, he demonstrates his SOH by saying - don't worry about the noise, it doubles up as a shredder.

Personally, I think that YMD and his LibDem friends will scrape in. Then we can settle down to five years of higher taxes, more government, more immigrants, more EU and more belly-aching from the National Socialists of the Celtic fringe.

Even if the other lot get in the walls won't come down; we'll just get to £2 trillions of debt quicker. I should relax, they might forget about Zummerzet and Cornwall.

Splitters, the pair of you!

To each and all today...a bit of Tea and Sympathy...

Thanks for the link, 'Whiters', I had intended to write something about Juncker's speech and his obvious fear and loathing of "Anglo-Saxons" but ran out of time.

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