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Saturday, 02 May 2015


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Congratulations to the proud parents.

May the new princess have a happy and not excessively abnormal childhood and life.

A girl! Well done! I'm betting on Alice.

Hank they could take up honorary postitions at our British Food Banks. You see they are guaranteed British taxpayers money but a bloke on the dole who has worked hard all his life is not. So who is the sponger.

Whitewall. Of the subject, I have been reading the Balimore News and note that three of the six cops arrested are Black. Seems we have black on black! Is this a new kind of racism?

Daid. She needs to meet Wodger and get a good seeing to.

Jimmy, I saw your comment on Baltimore under the thread on that subject right before bed time last night. Check out my response early this am.

Jimmy, I know it's Saturday night but you are becoming over-excited! The Royal family bring in zillions of quid to this country through tourism alone. And who would you prefer as your Head of State, Her Maj or President Prescott?

David your Queen is my Queen but all this media adoration is not my thing. We British used to do things quietly have a cup of tea and carry on regardless.

Well, I had bet on Alice. Maybe the next girl.

Oh no, 'Whiters', not another 'bay-bee', I couldn't stand it!

Now you know why you must hire a spanish nanny.

Ortega, I'm worried about you, well, not you exactly but what you are reading these days. You're supposed to add a little intellectual weight to these 'feather-lite' columns!

I don't see what you mean. For me that's the heavy stuff. You should see me on sunday mornings.

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