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Friday, 29 May 2015


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David, I am glad you and your Mrs have returned safely from your inspection of the Continent.

Just attended a great Brian Ferry concert courtesy of my wife and now David is back. Well what next.

jimmy, BF of Roxy Music fame from the 1980s?

Thank you, Whitewall, a full inspection report will follow in due course.

I don't know who Brian Ferry is, a singer I assume, but as to what is next, Jimmy, just reams and reams and reams of Duff & Nonsense! What more could a man wish for?

What indeed? Welcome back,Duffy, and your long-suffering better half, too!

Well, now we know what men wish for.
Women, of course, wish for more than that.

"Long suffering", Oswald?!!!! I really am going to have to provide you with a detailed back-story!

Andra, have a care, Jimmy is a man of great taste and discernment!

Whitewall. It is the same Brian Ferry. I did like Roxy Music. I am sure I have an old LP in the loft. The man is aged 69 now but what a performance and his back up were excellent.

Jimmy, I remember, way back when the group with Brian Ferry toured the US, many an enthralled young female attending the performance would be immobilized by his voice and good looks. Does he at least have his old voice? I watched in amazement at some women when "More Than This" was sung at the right moment....seemed a guaranteed "panty peeler".

Whitewall. He did not sing "More than This" however I think a lot of the wummin attending must have had their panties peeled over the decades! And his voice is still intact.

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