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Sunday, 10 May 2015


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David have you fallen out with me. It has been a good Sunday with the VE Day commemoration and a few beers with the lads and then those two b@@@@@@@ appear.

It might be worth remembering that we don't know what YMD's policy is on Scotland. Or on anything else....

Also, I believe it has yet to be confirmed that Salmond is the SNP leader in Westminster.

Sorry, Jimmy, have another wee dram!

Anymore, BOE, than we knew what the UKIP policy was on, say, reducing the deficit! To quote a phrase, if Salmond isn't the parliamentary leader of the SNP I'll eat my hat!

David your hat is safe. Salmond demands loyalty and silence from his lefties and gets it. Seperation is his one and only cause. They will play the austerity and food bank card but they do not care. He will lead. Cameron must not give them any credence and no more money.

I like Scotland it is a beautiful country. When touring there thirty odd years ago I was amazed at the hospitality shown. I was in awe at the friendliness in the pubs and delighted by the level of conversation and dry humour. I learnt more in those two weeks about Scotland than my previous forty years. I lost my way in Glasgow and was graciously put on the right road. If nationalism has taken over and the crass has taken an upsurge it will only be for a short time as my impression of the underlying nature of Scottish people is conservative with a socialist tendency. Dour and principled with a touch of history is how I remember Scotland. To lose this gem from the UK would be a tragedy and we would all be diminished by it. I have no problem with a touch of love of and devotion to ones birthplace. Politicians have a lot to answer for.

I must agree with Peter. As a regular visitor to Scotland to see friends and relatives, I never fail to be struck by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the Scots themselves. Over the years, Scots have made a tremendous contribution to science and engineering. They are said to have invented chloroform, hypnotism and rohypnol amongst other things, though some may say it would surely have been easier just to have got to know the girl! It will be interesting to see the effect of the Queen of the North and her Westminster bitch, Salmond, on British politics.

Peter Whale. I have lived in Glasgow all my life however my ancestors were English, Irish
and Scots. You are right about the Scottish attitude towards visitors. I have been lucky to have been able to travel all over the UK and have found the natives as equally helpful and polite as my own.
However since the early seventies a nastiness has been promoted by some Scottish nationalists against the English blaming them for social problems here in Scotland. I never heard such nastiness from my elders. The facts are is there was bad housing and poverty all over the UK until the sixties and this has been tackled since then on a fair basis. The nationalists want more than a fair share of taxpayers money. They claim to be left leaning and socialist but that is not the case tbey are just nasty national socialists and do not give a damn for for anybody south of the Scottish border. Fortunately we have many that support the Union but the nationalists have more than contempt towards us.

I suspect that we are all seeing in Scotland is much the same as you see in Baltimore. A disgruntled minority living fairly grotty lives despite being showered with welfare benefits. The cry goes up, "Someone is to blame" and in both cases they pick the wrong target. The problem with Scotland is that it has had too much socialism under the one party rule of labour. Now the silly sods have voted for even more socialism under the single party rule of the 'MacNuts'. You couldn't make it up!

If Scotland is like Baltimore, the Nats will blame the good folk down south.

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