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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


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Who are these people?
Something to do with Kardashians?
Are they necessary?
I know somebody who could dispose of them if necessary.

He is, alas, the Speaker of the House of Commons. Yeeeeees, quite!

David. My old man used to say that what happens behind other peoples doors is none of your business. However they have gone public and it will be a juicy story for a while. I am sure some of his Tory friends will welcome his misery!

Ghastly woman. She's nearly as bad as Cherie Blair, is she not?

Those who live by the sword, etc etc.

The sympathy-meter is barely lifting off the zero.

I read somewhere that these two would be taking separate vacations to Albania or Croatia or some exotic place very very soon.

Oh come on, chaps, show a little mercy!

No, David, I don't think so.
I have read your clip .... hideous people - she deserves everything she gets.
You live publicly, you die publicly.
Rolph Harris comes immediately to mind. There are too many others.

Oh dear, "the quality of mercy" does appear to be a bit strained here today!

Mercy! He will end up in the Lords raking in the dosh. I am sure he will find a new flozzie to occupy his free time.

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