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Friday, 01 May 2015


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Sounds funny David, PSRA. The Scottish people will not tolerate anti-democratic violence.

I bow to your home knowledge, Jimmy, but I fear the opposite!

Well David we will just have to kill the fuckers if they raise their heads, in self defense of course. Being a non violent person.

Of course, Jimmy, peace 'n' love, man!

David. Cameron is not going to cut child benefit. Maybe the baby princess inspired him after all the Royals are having a hard time.

David - if it came to that I think the government would not abandon just because of some violence IF it was clear that the majority of the scottish population was horrified by the violence and disapproved of its objectives.

We'll know better after the election, but I am not 100% sure that the SNP will triumph quite as comprehensively as everyone seems to expect.

After all most polls got the result of the referendum wrong, and quite badly so.

From afar, it looks to me as if the real appetite for independence is a lot less than the noise made by the arriviste politicians who are motivated so far as I can see purely by the prospect of personal political glory.

Their approach is reminiscent of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. Fortunately we have not had death on a large scale and are most unlikely to but that is no thanks to Salmond or his loathsome sidekick and stand-in, Sturgeon. The credit is due to the general good sense and decency of the majority of the scots.

I do hope you're right as to the outcome of the vote up there, 'Cuffers'. Roll on Friday and then we can all come to terms with whatever!

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