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Sunday, 10 May 2015


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All states at some time in their existence experience civil war quite often not just once but many times. The outcome can make the state stronger or weaker or even destroy it. The EU is a state in the making so it is inevitable that a civil war must happen at some point. This may not be a bloody conflict but but it will be a war all the same.

Maybe the UK renegotiation will be the spark that starts that civil war as other member states start to re-exam their role and needs and push for changes that they want. If so it may in the end strengthen the EU (which I doubt as we are dealing with B-B intransigence) or destroy it. I hope the latter. If it turns out to be the former then that is because the EU will have morphed into a free trade area and not a political union.

I think, Antis, that the future of Europe is particularly inscrutable at the moment. So many "unknown unknowns", etc. Never mind, it will keep political nerds like us in endless fascination.

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