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Monday, 11 May 2015


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David. Why are English MP's so stupid. They represent English constituencies on all matters yet Scotland, Wales and NI have their own Parliament/Assemblies with divolved matters. Surely the latter should be paid far less for less responsibility.
It is time for real reform and The not so dim Dave should make it an issue in the Queens Speech next year. 59 meal tickets heading south with the Oliver Twist gruel bowl.

Good point, Jimmy.

David. Minimum pay over five years = £335,000. Plus expenses then the fiddle. Not a bad wee earner. Enough to buy two houses in Scotland and rent one out like a good socialist.

Jimmy you have a sly streak in you I do believe.

Whitewall. I was born when the Tories had a majority in Scotland then we had Labour now the Nationalists. None of them ever asked to have a days pay docked to help the so called poor. Young British soldiers pay into a days pay scheme every month to give me and veterans a huge discount for our annual veterans get together. That is dedication.
Me and David know all the political scams. We have been around too long.

Jimmy, long memories may be what Britain will need very soon. Congratulations.

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