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Monday, 25 May 2015


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I am so glad you are posting on holiday - but for purely selfish reasons. I haven't had time to miss you yet! Glad you are enjoying your holiday, and glad you are addicted to us as we (ok, me) are to you!

Good ones. But why can't you just disconnect and relax on vacation?

Timbo. Being on vacation is a time not to switch off.

Timbo, darling, my public expects and all that ...

Dear Miss Red, only a few days until the weekend and then it's back to full on boring-snoring mode!

Jimmy, you'll never catch an old soldier like me relaxing on holiday ... zzzzzz ... zzzzz ...

Great one liners :P

Or is it, my dear Duffers, that you do so little around the house that going to the Sarf o' France is just a change of scenery??

Timbo, a great thinker like me can't waste precious time, er, 'doing things around the house'! What did that French swot say, 'I think therefore I am dead idle', or something like that!

" I think therefore I am dead idle". Should have included that among your one-liners!

Could have had that instead of the one-liners.

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