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Thursday, 04 June 2015


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Well David, "the White House is in desperate need of a bit of class and an elderly British gent like me would be perfect." Very true. I thought about asking for the job, but people wouldn't listen to me. They would take bets on who I would shoot first. So I must yield to you.

The first few residents (the White House)were of British lineage so it would be refreshing.

Well, 'Whiters', if you get the job you might need a belt fed machine-gun to work your way through the rascals!

Exactly right, 'Uppers', it's been downhill for the 'cousins' ever since!

"Alas, I don’t have a well-crafted essay to offer you"

So. No changes then even after all your recent travelings?

For you SoD;

Dammit, JK, I was depending on you to form my PAC ready for the campaign - now, you're fired!

Never mind America David, Scotland needs sorting out. How about applying for Wee Nicola Crankie's or Alex Salmond's job?

"Wee Nicola Crankie" poor analogy - the Crankies were funny.

Oh come on, 'Wee Nicola' is absolutely beyond parody; Hilarious! (You couldn't make her up!)

Well I call her 'Mrs. MacMaggot'! No, not very gentlemanly, I know.

Very amusing, JK.


Wee Nicola says she speaks for the Scots regarding the EU. She seems happy to leave the UK and hand over power to Herman.
And Whitewall it is better to shoot first and not talk. Got that from my favouite film, The Good Bad and the Ugly.

Whitewall and All. This Saturday coming is 6 June. Lest We Forget.

Jimmy, I'm guessing you were "The Good"?

Our family remembers. A couple of my Mother's people spent so much time in England in the rain before boarding to cross the Channel. The waited wet, transported wet, landed wet and then it got hot.

whitewall. I would be a Clint Eastwood. My uncle James I was told was evacuated from Dunkirk. He served with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers in India 1928 - 35. He was called again to the Colors 1939. I came across his discharge book 7 yrs ago along with a huge pictorial book about his service in India. His discharge book shows his service with the British Expeditionary Force and he was at Dunkirk. I have presented all to the KOSB Museum in Berwick upon Tweed. I have kept his medals but will give them to the museum at the end of this year.

Jimmy, those are truly family treasures and you are making the right decision to donate them.

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