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Monday, 01 June 2015


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Melodramatic old tosh.

Ebb and flow, but the US is still the world's only super-power, and even though facing conflict along almost every geo-political border, she still finds the time to bang the dirt bags of FIFA to rights.

And as for "Socialist America", remember if you proposed Obamacare as an alternative to the NHS in Blighty, you'd be labelled a market fundamentalist, fascist, somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.

The truth is, the left of America is further to the right of the right in the UK. Even Ukip supports the gross NHS.

If Obama and the democrats stood in Blighty I'd vote for them. Even better the Reps, of course. But either way, at least we'd have armed forces worth having, a high productivity public sector, market choice in healthcare, and a shitload more left in the pay-packet every month.

What an amazing place. And we begat her too. Yes, the rebellious teenage years, but we all know about them. You can't trade in family for dirty dealings with Bongo-Bongo land; you can still do globalization and family solidarity.


Befriend Saudi Arabia?

You've been out in the Mediterranean sun too long Duffers.

Like most of the Middle East the place is a cess pit of religious extremism and would look better as a sheet of glass. The only exception in that area is the sole democratic State of Israel.

And I wouldn't give up on the cousins just yet.

I wouldn't write the U S of A off quite so quickly David. Like Britain, her people are mostly conservative with a very small c. Eventually saner heads will prevail.

For goodness sake, all of you, WAKE UP! The situation in America isn't the end of the line, it's just a way-station, en route to total government control and a socialist nirvana. The Yanks are like Dorothy and her friends dancing down the yellow (or red!) brick road and, oh look, there are some pretty gates at the end with a lovely socialist message written on them - "Arbeit Mach Frei"!

And it's no good pointing at all the American military hardware and troops because most of it is out of date and the number of troops is being cut. And anyway, watching Obama's foreign policy in which he cuddles up to nations that hate America, and attacks those who want to be American allies, how is that going to work with a surging, powerful, ambitious China?

With one or two remarkable exceptions (remarkable in the fact that there are any at all) the Republican party offers no-one and nothing in opposition to the Leftist surge. The Grand Panjandrums of the GOP are utterly useless and in fact, as Obama increases the power and scope of state control, they are happy to go along so long as they get their fair share.

I say again - WAKE UP!

AussieD...Thanks for that old friend. The world is different because it must be. Radical Islam will make it so no matter if America had Ronald Reagan in the White House. The rest of the world is changing outside the Middle East because it also must do so.

Observations about Obama are true, but not all his well laid plans will happen. This is not a country where dictatorial schemes can easily take hold. The lack of a true American President does not mean the end of America. The landscape will be different in two years and from there we will begin our return from indifference.

For anyone else, bet against the United States all you like. That is different from betting against America.

"the idea of liberty and democracy...will be limited to a small island off the north-west coast of Europe"

Make that "part of a small island"; Scotland is now a one-party state and certainly isn't interested in liberty.

Is the world really changing, or what is being witnessed nothing but a mirrored image of a long ago yesteryear with modern technology? The world is still filled with corruption, greed, and hunger for power and thirst for recognition. They have their followers like children blindly following a pied piper. Nothing has really changed in over 2500+ years. What changes is some of the players.

Unfortunately duffers this has been smoldering and festering since the turn of the 20th century, and quite possibly before that, when SDC [Socialist Democratic Party] was trying to gain a foothold and has gone thru several name changes since. The US of A is becoming a shell of its former self. Your title “A world without America”, unfortunately a preview on a small scale is taking place.


Thank you America. The eldest daughter takes care of incapable old Ma and Pa Europe, and her siblings - again.


This is a must read; a truly marvellous explanation of how our family system works, contrasting with how the scumbag family system works: -

Our family and its values come first; in our dealings with scumbags, aka globalisation, we must be careful to only work with them on our terms, our way. If we don't we are lost, we are them.

The very purpose of globalisation from our perspective is to serve up our values, mores, and laws in every transaction and interaction with the scumbags, so that it foments rebellion in their masses, desirous of freedom from the scumbag elites, and ultimately breaks their state, and joins it to our family, under our values, mores, and laws.

The very purpose of globalisation from the scumbags perspective is to serve up patronage, clientalism, and corruption in every transaction and interaction with us, so that it foments rebellion in our elites, desirous of freedom from the constraints of our liberal masses, and ultimately breaks our state, and joins it to their family, under the scumbag values, mores, and authority.

So long as the liberal family members support each other, and stick to our rules, it'll ebb and flow, but their masses will succumb to us before our elites succumb to them, and we will triumph.


SoD, I do enjoy your posts!


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