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Thursday, 18 June 2015


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Beautifully crafted. He brings to life a world we could otherwise barely imagine. Quite brilliant.

Absolutely right, Cuffers.

I have read and enjoyed all the books. I also liked the film, particularly the fact that the enemy was the French not, as in the books, the Americans. Due to Americans being delicate little flowers!

Do stop sniping, BOE!

The target is so tempting!

Well, 'you're a very naughty boy'!

BOE: get your snot locker out of the heavens before I boy butter and bollard you to the anchor.

I've just started Book the First. If I did not need to drink coffee and eat something, both of which I can do at the keyboard, but not so well with book in hand, I would not have had time to read or write anything here.

You have been warned, BOE! Miss Red, is a stern disciplinarian!

Press on regardless, Michael, in true Jack Aubrey fashion!

I might be worried about missred if I had a clue what she is saying!

Take my word for it, BOE, if she 'butters and bollards you' then you are in big trouble!

Marvellous books and all written in perfectly intelligible English. Many of the phrases and words from the age of sail are used or adapted to the modern versions of HM's Navies.

As an old, now departed, friend once opined. The Navy has tradition, the Army has customs and the Air Force has disgusting habits. And no we did not send him into the deep in his hammock, a stitch through his nose and round shot at his feet. Officers do not sleep in hammocks.

G'day Whitewall. Greetings from the Great South Land.

Naval traditions: rum, buggery and the lash.

I think Churchill summed it up as , "Rum, bum and baccy"!

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