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Monday, 01 June 2015


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Martini in the morning?

Sounds great!

Wait, you say it's a radio station?


"Anyone who knows what love is"? I heard this on the excellent Charlie Brooker Series, "Black Mirror" and it was most memorable for being a song which seems timeless. However, in the morning I generally spend my time on "MyFace" and have complete cr*p on the telly instead.

Speaking of MyFace..and radio, does the BBC still air the old series called "My Word"? It has played over here off and on for years and I always loved to listen. Frank Muir had a sense of humor that sometimes caused me pain from laughing.

Sorry, Andrew, I feel and share your pain!

Now look here, Miss Mayfly, first of all you waste my time making me google up "Myface" which turns out to be a cosmetics programme which, given the wreckage that is *my face*, has long ceased to be of any use to me, and then you point me at the most depressing, slowest, long-winded song ever written since the Funeral March'! Do get a grip!

Alas, I cannot answer your question, Whitewall, because my hatred for the BBC and all its works is of such paranoid levels that I refuse to switch it on!

I have Spotify so I can have all the music I want at the touch of my finger.
Currently I am keen on Johnny Hartman and Anita O'Day.
A lot of saxophone music is heard in this house too.

With a bit of Kurt Elling thrown in, especially his homage to Hartman and Coltrane.

Ah, I forgot, that's an In joke amongst James May fans. Sorry, sorry. I love that song. I'm singing it to myself at the moment, which largely consists of, "Mmmmm-mmm, mmmmm-mmmm, care for you". I was thinking of learning it so I can be on "X-Talent" or "Britain's got factor" or something. I suspect that after singing, Simon Cowell will recommend I use my talent cleaning toilets.

Whitewall, the first time I listened to "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue" I cried with laughter. It's gone downhill a lot recently, but back in the day, I used to cheer at "Mornington Crescent".

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