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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


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Wot's rong wiv Scotch & Madeira Parties?

Seriously they look like going from the supine to the recirculated

You'll see that Corbyn was nominated by several people who openly told him they would not vote for him.

There are several explanations for this.
1. The nominators are secretly far left. I doubt this.
2. If there was no far left candidate the conspiracy theorists in the rank & file could claim the result was a fix. If so this is quite a mature solution. The rank & file are being forced to decide between ideological purity and electability.
3. They expect him to be thoroughly defeated. The far left is disproportionally noisy. Such a strategy, if successful, would tend to undermine the far left.
4. The want to split the vote of another candidate - probably Burnham - sufficiently for him/her to not get on the second ballot

I will vote for Burnham again. The stupidity of nominating someone you will not vote for says it all about the hard left. Those idiots are hell bent on confining a great party to the dustbin of history.

On, behalf of all "wizened old man, all whiskers and gravity



Sorry, 'BOE', did we wake you?

John, from one 'OMAWAG" to another, apologies!

Jimmy, wake up, it's the 21st century and all that cloth cap socialism is as dead as the shipyards and the coal mines.

TDK, I think it's more of a 'hearts vs. minds' problem for the Labour party. Jimmy, above, is a prime example.

Not at all David, Burnam is a middle of the road bloke like me. The Tories are still borrowing as much as Labour. Sunday lunch has not changed in cost since Labour passed away! It seems carry on as normal as far as I can see.

Jimmy nails it there David and he does it as well for here.

“It’s outrageous that Republicans who complain all the time – rightfully so – about the IRS’s overreach and over burdening small business are actually increasing the incentive for the IRS to spy on people – to spy on small businesses.”

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