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Tuesday, 09 June 2015


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Just how many annas ARE there in a rupee?
I've never considered this before but it may be important now.

Haven't a clue, Andra, but I just love that old Empire saying, don't ask me why! Of course, in conversation it does require a nod, a wink and a tap on the side of the nose.

No doubt the man raises hackles but nobody has done more research on the nuts and bolts of how OUT should be managed than Dr R North.

However to head up the campaign possibly someone with some political skill is required so who better than Owen Paterson who seems to be right more often than he is wrong, and that is unusual?

Sorry to be pedantic but according to Wikipedia the number of ANnas to the rupee is actually - 16.

By the way my first fiance was called Anna; she was cheap but not that cheap!

People as they generally do will vote on their economic circumstances. The stay in mob will use the fear of losing jobs as their main plank as they have no other reasons except self interest to stay in this mafia gravy train. Cameron will get some minor carrots which he will try and sell. He does not want out it is only UKIP that has put him in his present position.
On another note four Polish lorries are tracked by European security and allowed to leave for Dover where Britain is lumbered by illegals at the cost to the British taxpayer.
Another good reason to get out.

Are there sixteen annas in a rupee?

I had always wondered.

Thank you David, every day's an education!

The only votes to stay in will be the results of fear and ignorance.

The only tactic the staying in crowd have is fear, based on lies, half truths and distortions (from our government), and threats from the Germans.

As the facts emerge which hopefully most of them will, even the currently pro-EU press will start to play a more useful role.

Who knows the BBC might even manage a... no, no that's far too much to expect. They receive substantial funding from the EU commission which is how we know there is no chance of the whole rotting edifice being closed down and sold as scrap until after the referendum at least.

16 annas to a rupee. Great, I shall use this one just for the looks I will get. I am tired of "sandwich short of a picnic" or "bubble off plumb"
Chuffeyburgers, "the only votes to stay in will be the results of fear and ignorance." Reminds me of the recent scottish referendum.

Duffers you could always use "A couple of sheep short in the top paddock". Very Oz

I like both "a bubble off plumb" and "a couple of sheep short in the top paddock". The latter would be instantly understood 'down 'ere in Zummerzet'!

To be sure David (&missred) saying one's "a bubble off" gives the impression one is 'completely off the rails' or, 'totally bonkers.' Neither of which gives much hope of avoiding the rocks.

Better to say, "½ (or ¼) bubble starboard (or port) off plumb."

Give's the indication that, with some slight deviation, there's hope the course is correctable.

Yes, in Texas, we go for "half a bubble off" to describe a mildly crazy person, but "a brick short", or "not the sharpest tack in the box/tool in the shed/ knife in the drawer" for someone who is a bit dim.

Michael. In Glesga we would say "thick as two planks" or to be less suttle "fuckin headcase".

Well after what resembled the first 20 minutes of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, "Not so Dim, and rather devious, Dave" has planted his standard issue firmly in the wet sand of continental Europe: -

Now can he break out from this toe and heel sized beachhead?


Well, I suppose gaining the support of *opposition* parties who have yet to win power is one thing but in the meantime, he has the actual governments of Finland, Romania, Spain and Belgium against him.

Personally, I hope there is increasing *opposition* to everything Dave demands, the more the better, because that is the very best way for the 'OUTs' to win the referendum.

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