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Friday, 05 June 2015


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Just show us that photo of you in your long johns again, would you? I have it already but some of your newer readers may not be familiar with the Duff look.
Then there's your summer sarong style of course.
Yeah, no doubt about it, you are a picture of sartorial splendour........or something.

As DfP chairman, I like the long john photo. It's right up there with Roosevelt's fireside picture.

Actually, David, I may resign my post. ACA is going to crash in the next term, and I think a democrat should be in office when that happens.

Alas, Andra, I must rely on my trusted archivist - yes, him!- to find those photos.

Dom, you are obviously a man of taste and discernment and as chairman of DfP - love the title! - you can expect a top job in my new administration.

Goodness David you do not look at the mantlepiece when poking the fire.

My Beloved Spousal Unit was always absolutely certain that Nixon's dishonesty showed on his face. Hillary's ugliness comes from the inside, too. There are a good many women in the world who'd get my vote,even they were past the years of interest from my Little Michael.Mrs. Thatcher, for example, who rather resembled the BSU in her youth, was still a great lady, and did mountains of good for her country, measured numerically, which is the only valid assessment a non-Brit can make, and not emotionally, as so many are inclined to do, whether inside our outside the Blessed Isle.

Sitting on a very soft fluffy towel Andra?

I should like to make clear that 'Duffelblog', as referred to by 'JK' above, is absolutely no relation. And anyway, he's a very naughty (but funny) boy!

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