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Friday, 19 June 2015


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He's very brave.

SoD is er, *firmly attached* to a girl (belay any following sixed below the ¼-deck this-es or that-es retorts, jaylarking etc) to - as I recall - "a bouncy Czech"?

Wouldn't like what direction this erhm, *esteemed blog* might take should Lawrence come back smitten at the Frog version of Chief Hoki Poki's (or was that Hoki Koki?) ... daughter of Hollande, Sarkozy, Mitterrand, Chirac, or, "God 'elp SoD" Jean-Pierre Raffarin's.

You David - afore he mounted the after-deck - might orter puted him on three days bread and water & Anabuse™.

JK - you're downwind of the still again and I think your dangles are dangling!!

No Andra.

I've been in the French newspaper archives.

I think Andra is right, JK, so go and have a nice snooze. However, thank you for the link to 'The Unz Review' which I have instantly book-marked.

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