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Saturday, 06 June 2015


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If Mr. Keynes was treated anything like some of England's ancient Kings, he just might be buried under that pictured monument. Granted it is not a "car park", but it is a proper memorial.

Yes indeed, 'Whitewall, a monumental snafu of the first order!

That was quite moving. Look at us today...

Those steps could become icy and dangerous in winter. We need a risk assessment an action plan and a project team.

And a first class co-ordinator even if I, er, sorry I mean, if he or she requires a handsome salary and a comfortable pension. No good spoiling the ship with ha'porth worth of tar!

Well I don't like to spoil your parade but this looks to me just like the obstacle course set up to help a person with a prosthetic leg learn to use a ramp and stairs.

No, no, Andra, if the local government had designed it for that purpose then the last step would be 2' high!

Looks like a tourist viewpoint for the Berlin Wall looking East.

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