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Thursday, 11 June 2015


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So your bath room counter top is marble, or mere granite?

Nothing so posh, 'Whiters', and more important for a bathroom, nothing so cold!

That is a beautifully made sculpture. And what a fucking disaster the whole affair was... I mean, fair enough a punitive expedition after 9/11, but Helmand... my god.

Always the result when you have stupid politicians and cowardly generals who lack the guts to say "No, Prime Minister!"

David the size does not matter just the romance! After all you only need two inches. An inch to go in and an inch to go in and out.

I have always admired sculptors. I can put my visions on paper/canvas, and even mold clay into something. But to look at a block of rock, to envision and then execute by chiseling away with such detail, that is one of the things in world I cannot fathom.

Thank you, Jimmy, I'm sure the 'Memsahib' will find consolation in those wise words of yours!

It is incredible, isn't it, Miss Red. The very nearest I got to it was whittling bits of wood in which I would try to fashion faces. Oh dear, only 'E for Effort', I'm afraid.

You call that stuff "incredible" David?

Well..what can I say? I don't have those artistic talents. Maybe I was meant to just be handsome and charming. An art all to itself I think.

Jimmy, there was an old song on the R&B charts decades ago called "Sixty minute man". I sense that might not be you;)

Whitewall. Why hang around 60 mins when you can move on to the next wummin.

Whitewall that song was released the year I was born!!

That garbage, JK, is garbage!

I trust, Jimmy, that 'Mrs. Jimmy' doesn't read this blog!

I'm with you about David's hand. I'm in love with that hand.

It really is superb and the way he has made it bending in slightly rather than just hanging straight is exactly right. Of course, it's only "exactly right" after the genius has done it, it would never have occurred otherwise!

Jimmy I admire your stamina. I still have some but beyond that, I have to rely on the talent I have for lying.

David my mrs likes the Monday Funnies as we all do.

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