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Tuesday, 09 June 2015


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It is actually easy to deal with them. You kill them or remove them to the sand dunes. However the ECHR and others prefer to employ people at tax payers expense to the detriment of public services just to follow the scumbags. And the scumbags will get lucky.

Given the generally abysmal results and total abrogation of law, the consitution, civil liberties and privacy resulting from the NSA's obsession with Sigint and I have no doubt, GCHQ is equally as bad, I think that a spot of good old fashioned humint might very well be called for.

I doubt I am alone in having very little confidence in these people, and in fact am becoming increasingly despairing of the prospect of good, competent government.

Cuffleyburgers. You do not need humint when people tell you to your face they are going to kill you. You just do the damage at no extra cost to the taxpayer.

Jimmy - I would agree except that the government has decreed in its, ahem, infinite wisdom that the people of the UK shall be disarmed, and only agents of the state are allowed to go around shooting people for carrying table legs or wearing overcoats.

Therefore we are hardly in a position to be able to deal with the problem as it presents itself.

All we can do when the moment comes, is die, and hope that somebody has the wit to call 999 in time for them to pick up the pieces.

Quite a few years ago the Americans held an exercise where the Bad Guys were commanded by a grizzled old American General. The Good Guys (U.S. Of A) had all the electronic surveillance kit.

The old general banned the use of radio on his side. All orders went via motorcycle despatch rider. The Good Guys were absolutely flummoxed. Bad Guys won hands down.

Welcome aboard the good ship Duff & Nonsense, Admiral. YOu touch on an important point. I suspect that in modern warfare electronic systems will instantly be 'attacked' and rendered useless, so it would be sensible for generals and admirals to practice C3 by other means.

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