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Thursday, 25 June 2015


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Well Duffers, sitting at my desk of a mid summer's night, dreaming of winning the lottery... I tried reciting those lines to myself and while not exactly sidesplitting they would elicit a wry smile at un-PNness of the lines. They would be much funnier of course of jew could be replaced by welshman, geordie or indeed pakistani...

David I suspect you might be the only one here with enough refinement and intellectual chops to deal with this particular offering of yours. Now that second dude pictured...he is funny looking and his Mother dresses him funny.

Duffers - forgot to mention, with face like yours you should have been on the radio!

I rather like the wig (if that's what it is) in the second photo.
Have you ever thought of a change..... say, like that Caitlyn Jenner who used to be somebody else?
I think you've got the head for it.

Bitches, all three of you but one gets used to it when one is a star!

Amateur dramatics, used car salesman, and handsome to boot! Memsahib got the perfect kit!

Are you really trying to tell me that Sir Richard refuses to use the full title of the Royal National Theatre yet he still uses the full title "Sir Richard"? As my old Granny used to say: there's nowt so queer as folk.

Miss Red, once again, darling, you demonstrate what a lady of taste and discrimination, you are!

Frank, welcome to D&N, but to paraphrase your old Granny. 'there's nowt so queer as *Leftie* folk'!

It'd a funny thng, this Sir business. Richard Eyre directed my favourite production of La Traviata for the Royal Opera House which in it's promotion literature tends to underplay his title yet always uses the Royal. But he also directed a great Carmen for the Metropolitan Opera New York, which doesn't have a Royal to it's name but always stresses Dickie's Sir.

Similarly, David McVicar directed a great Rigoletto for the ROH whereas Sir David McVicar did a pretty good Trovatore for the Met.

I still await my 'Sir-hood', Kevin, but there are just so many bitches in theatre. Still, it can only be a matter of time, I'm sure!

I'm holding out for a peerage. I'm just trying to work out how much it will cost and which political party is the cheapest.

Definitely Labour, Frank, socialists never know the price of anything!

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