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Friday, 12 June 2015


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Garbage like this is possible in a culture like ours because a culture like ours is in need of an enema.

Please, 'Whiters', if the USA decides to take an enema can you ensure that it is pointing west not east!

Of course!

Whitewall. Maybe a huge colonic irrigation would be better. A man is supposed to have a willy and the woman a thing that is unmentionable as I do not wish to cause offence.

Jimmy, shut up, there's a good fella'!

Our mutual e-pal LB David, brought to my attention a link to a "shrink's opinion" on this newish screwball shit phenomena - you might concur.

(And should you check the comments you'll note a link to a 2012 post of yours. As well as a LB supplied link to 58!!! "gender" categories .. which I decided to not read.)

If you find transgenderism confusing, take a look at transracialism.

Noticed Dom yesterday Malcolm had some observations on just that newest manifestation. And if you'd think a little shucking and jiving proper explanation might be helpful watch this.

(And do try to keep your focus on the eyes/expression of the darker fellow.)

Dom and JK, in the wake of this Bruce Jenner "where did my Johnson come from" nonsense, it seems certain folks are going to have to do some major shucking and jiving with as much media cover as they can get. Straight faces might be hard to come by.

Ya know Whitewall, I used to think the expression, "the lunatics are now the ones running the asylum" was a mere metaphor but here lately ...

Running it they are and it is getting funny! It seems the loons are pointing at each other and trying real hard not to call each other looney. After a while, these same people begin to eat their young. Also, they never look good on camera.

Yeah Whitewall. I just noticed ABC News (US, Oz friends) switched the video on the link I posted here from the GMA show of yesterday - the one linkable from Mal's site - to a later one NOT featuring the "Shucker & Jiver."

You don't figure it had anything to do with the sheer and obvious ridiculousness of yesterday's explanation?

Well certainly Not!
You and I certainly know how to throw the "bullshit" flag when we see it..;)The networks know it too.

I'm trans debt. I owe money but I feel inside like I'm debt-free. Banks keep sending me bills. They're oppressing me. Make them stop!

Keep me in mind Dom if it works out for ya.

Meanwhile, I think I'm gonna log onto Taki's and listen to find whether Derb's had any health issues exacerbated by this past week's news.

I know I'm having bladder problems.

Can anyone find the Sex Education skit the Goodies did?

I also am a huge fan of American-English.

I remember watching a news item of a retaliation by Israel to a Palestinian attack which was being condemned as excessive. An American in the room sighed and said, "Those sure are some high maintenance friends".

Dom, you should check out #Wrongskin and Geoffrey Elfwick. A good laugh.

If you want to be black in a white skin, go right ahead. Just don't expect me to spend much time worrying about it.

Can I be Tran's Rich?

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