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Monday, 15 June 2015


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Runnymede and all that illustrates another more diverse point: From the perspective of Mr and Mrs Ordinary, how important and valuable to them it is for their country to have LOST certain battles with foreign states in the history thereof.

The battle of Bouvines ...

... being a, or maybe the, prime example.

Without that great loss, Magna Carta might never have happened; King John might never have been humbled by the nobility into signing these rights.

To have lost Bouvines and won Waterloo was the very best outcome. The other way round, well, it doesn't bear thinking about.


And on a less serious note:

King John, AKA "John Soft Sword" in recognition of his military record, was formerly the Prince John of the Robin Hood saga.

I do not suppose Robin and Martian lived happily ever after for very long.

Well, it's a good job dear old Marshal Blucher did better at Waterloo than his predecessor at Bouvines:

"Philip Augustus of France defeated an army consisting of Imperial German, English and Flemish soldiers, led by Otto IV of Germany."

Not many people did in those days, Hank!

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