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Monday, 08 June 2015


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I quite agree that the RAF should be thrown away. However, not for any reason you mention. The RAF would have to move sideways into the Navy and Army. Giving them a large infusion of fresh blood. Back in the day I had a lot of experience the navy and army, incuding the special forces. All of them needed a good kick in the crutch to move into the real world.

Can you be more specific, BOE, er, without breaching the Official Secrets Act, of course!

We do need people to fly planes so why change the name of the RAF or do away with it.
Continuity and loyalty are very important. Hagling about money and resources is par for the course.

Stop being sentimental, Jimmy. Armed forces are there to fight in the most efficient manner possible. You risk sounding like those old buffers (or do I mean duffers?) who insisted that their fine old cavalry regiments went back to the horse at the end of WWI.

who insisted that their fine old cavalry regiments went back to the horse at the end of WWI.

You mean they didn't?

They did.

I must confess I have read neither article nor book; but it is quite clear that defence procurement managed as a sort of high quality welfare state for the establishment is an expensive disaster.

The only time it has worked anything like effectively was in the latter stages of the world wars when competent people had been moved in to manage it and they had had time to hack it into some sort of shape.

Nothing like the prospect of being captured by the Germans and losing your index linked pensions to concentrate the minds of the political pygmies and flunkies who run the damn' place.

Now of course we have all been effectively captured by the Germans and none of has have any prospoec tof any sort of pension maybe we should concentrate a but harder and start hanging the bastards who have done it to us.

Question number one is what are we supposed to be defending against? I think it is still reasonable to assume that as an island economy we need to be able to defend our sealanes and skies, but as Page says you don't need old fashioned type ships and planes to do that. Personally I would favour keeping some on the basis that they give you a flexibility that you may not be able to replicate with a purely missile based system.

We have never had or needed a large standing army, but high quality expeditionary troops such as the SAS and the Paratroops are essential.

The trouble is that it has become a political football just like the NHS and welfare benefits rather than one of the two fundamental activities of good government and has acquired far too much baggage.

Paige is right, a root and branch reform is required, and anything we cannot manufacture cost effectively ourselves, we should aim to buy, looking to maintain as far as possible interoperability with the US Australian and Canadian counterparts.

The aircraft carriers are a nonsense and all the procurement driven by EU mandated programmes must be interrupted forthwith.

Flog BAe to the highest bidder (if anyone will have it), buy off-the-shelf-kit, sack everyone above the rank of Colonel (and whatever Colonel is in the RAF and Navy), and plug the remainder into the American Armed Forces command.

Project the resultant force at the Euros, Rooskies, Hairies, FIFA, and anyone else who threatens us or our system, because the yanks have done a better job at protecting us and our system than we have ourselves since the battle of Waterloo, so why not throw our lot in, and go with the successful flow?

Or even better, just give 2% of GDP to the USA, and let her recruit from Blighty.


Cuffers, obviously it is an exceedingly complex problem albeit not one that cannot be solved with the necessary intellectual and administrative powers. But above all, it requires 'will', and there's not much of that floating around Westminster or Whitehall.

Honestly, SoD, for a young man, well, youngish!, you do seem to be stuck in the past. America has always been an 'iffy' ally and, alas, today they are not only more 'iffy' but they are rapidly losing the means and will to do anything very much. Read my immensely wise post "A world without America" - and tremble!

How long does the Official Secrets Act last? One job I had was to provide the intelligence input for SF planners in Central Front ops. They hadn't a clue about the application of air power. The only one more clueless was the 2-star blithering idiot (RAF Air Marshal) I worked for. I might also point out that all the amazing recent exploits of the SF were under the cover of Western air supremacy. Might be different against Russia or China.

Whilst I have your attention I would mention the Royal Navy. As you have pointed out - ships are targets! The RN people I met just wouldn't face up to the problems introduced by the Russian SSN22 - a small sea skimming supersonic missile.

So - disband the RAF and move its people into the RN and Army.

I think you should make JK Minister of Defence.

The Frogs and Russkies used cavalry in World War 11.

BOE. The OSA lasts for ever unless you are given permission to speak. And rightly so. You take the oath, the money, do your job and do not bubble.

Well said Jimmy.

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