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Sunday, 07 June 2015


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I don't know how much of the Labor challenge was shown in Britain, if any, but it was a wonderful expose of the rabid Left when pushed into a fight with an opponent who won't back down. The spectacle of Democrat pols fleeing the city of Madison, WI to neighboring Illinois and hiding in hotels just to prevent a quorum in the legislature and thus the possibility of having to vote on a possible career ending bit of legislation, was a wonder to behold. I have always believed that when the Left is confronted directly, with principled leadership and spine...they crack and act out on camera that never looks good.

The coverage was somewhere between nil and zero, Whitewall.

As chairman of DfP, what am I'm supposed to do with all my bumper stickers? "Vote Duff, because he ain't a chick". "Vote Duff, because he makes Reagan look wimpy". "Vote Duff, because his Monday funnies are funnier than Hilary's Benghazi funnies".

"Vote Duff, because Australian women find him fetching in long johns".

No, no, Dom, hang on to them because my proviso, Walker must gain the GOP nomination will almost certainly not be realised so long as 'old Boner' and his chums are in charge!

Is this actually true?

Yes, indeed, 'Whitewall', absolutely true especially the bit about the howls of outrage from the locals who will rise up in arms if the field is ever exploited!

Tell me O Duff. Does this Walker guy believe Islam is a religion of peace?

That'd be WW the Weald Basin (test well began its spud July of last year) that it'd be "about" 15 miles or so from the Palmers Wood foundation (Jurassic .. *about* 2000 feet depth .. and frackable - however there was *some* conventionally "pumped" product to be had at that Jurassic depth).

But, if memory serves, the Horse's Head well was set to go down to the Triassic (*about* 8000) which'd "probably" mean Oil-Sands or most hopefully, definitely preferable - Gas.

(By preferable - I mean Gas would keep the UK version of 'our' Eco-Loonies from tying up the Courts for ...)

But your question, "Is this actually true?"

I would expect so. As I said, the Weald Basin is *only about* 15 miles from the Palmers Wood. And the Palmers Wood foundation has been in the news before;

I seem to recall some litigatory something-or-other came up concerning Mr. Fayed's "Basement Oilrig" - I don't know how that turned out.


I dunno 'exactly' Mr. Walker's stance on Islam generally but

Update, 10:15 pm: Walker has learned his lesson. This from Kirsten Kukowski, a Walker spokesperson:

Governor Walker believes our fight against ISIS is one of the most important issues our country faces. He was in no way comparing any American citizen to ISIS. What the governor was saying was when faced with adversity he chooses strength and leadership. Those are the qualities we need to fix the leadership void this White House has created.

JK, the Weald Basin seems to lay beneath some of the most prime real estate and old towns of England.

You ever Whitewall notice, how Duffers is always an' ever goin' on about how he's "toiling at the coalface" (backyard garden) but never never posts a picture of his er, "produce"?

Why, all Google-Earth images over Somerset [& he's *apparently got SoD* gone to such lengths hacking into *our* satellite's database of scheduled flyovers] always and only show some sort of tarp?

How the old fart er "ex-Corporal, ex second-hand car salesman, amateur thespian, swimmer-with-the-ladies pensioner," hardly ever mention he drives a Jaguar?

I'm sorry, BOE, but like Mrs. Clinton I cannot take unscripted questions from hacks and hoi-polloi! My newly appointed campaign Press Officer, JK, will provide you with an answer with the sort of clarity with which we are all familiar. In the meantime, just take my word for it, Gov. Walker is a jolly good chap!

Unfortunately, being "a jolly good chap" is probably not going to be enough.

Two things, JK.

First, my exquisite garden is spoken of in hushed whispers the length and breadth of my village. Only the other day I heard an old lady in the Post Office telling her friend that she had passed my rolling acres and that, honestly, she had never seen anything like it in her life before.

Second, you're fired as my campaign press officer (see above) which makes it the shortest term appointment ever - approx. 5 minutes! I had considered appointing you as Secretary of the US Navy when I win the election but your behaviour needs to improve. Dammit man, we have a campaign to fight and win so stick to the script!

JK, I suspect the coalface our host toils away in might be behind a tall fence which hides a long length of drilling pipe working its way into the promising layers of mineral rich sub strata. He, I'm sure, is careful to drill past any burial sites of ancient Kings, and Dukes and such.

David you do go through staff at an alarming rate. People might begin to get suspicious.

Does this Walker chap think that interfering in other country's politics is rude? I notice that the current American emperor has been giving us advice on the forth coming referendum.

BOE. Lord Obama (pbhn)has spoken?

Yes Whitehall. It seems that you Americans would be happier if we buckled down and stayed in the EU. Perhaps the Emp. O would like us to be more like the French, your best friends since the year dot.

Donald Trump has indicated he may stand.

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