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Saturday, 20 June 2015


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Maybe if Greece is allowed to collapse flat on its Hellenic arse, she can once again, after the wounds are healed, stand as yet another gift to Western Civ. and unwind the EU for ever.

Of course we in this country had the ineffable wisdom to vote for a party* that will savagely slash the er... rate of rise of our ginormous public debt.

Luckily, we still have our own currency so when our shit hits the fan we can float the quid at the level it is worth. So there is that.

*Well I didn't. I voted for Nasty Nigel. I did sooo want to see him burn all those quangos and listen to the wails of anguish from all those smartarses who are paid with my money to nag me and the government to do things their way. And yes Conan, "hear the lamentations of the women."

You didn't vote for a party, Kevin, you voted for a sort of saloon bar coalition mostly made up of people who would have difficulty running the proverbial piss-up in a brewery!

I fear, Whitewall, that your optimism may be premature. Straight into chaos and then dictatorship, methinks!

"by allowing Greece to join - plus a few others!"

I say Duffers, you aren't referring to us wot inhabits the Iberian peninsula by any chance?

Kevin B. We can give Gordan Brown some thanks for keeping our GBP. The Scottish Nats wanted the euro then changed their minds but they still want Herman the German banks to govern the Scots and keep the pound. Strange lot the Nats. As for Greece they spent spent spent other peoples money and now they want bailed out and still spend other peoples money. Let them go with Putin. It will mean we will get a lot of decent Greek immigrants into the UK instead of Islamists.

Sorry Jimmy, we will get the Greeks AND the Arabs!

Sun-worshiping splitters like you, Timbo, will rue the day, I have read the runes and it's all ruins! (Er, do you let your place out cheap during the summer? If you do, I'll be able to put a good word in for you with Immigration when you land at Dover with all your possessions in single suitcase!)

You are quite right (for a change!), Jimmy, in reminding us that 'Ur Wee Gordie' did keep us out of the euro even if it was only to poke Blair in the eye with a sharp stick!

David, I haven't been into a saloon bar for a while - all the ones locally have closed since our lords and masters have decided that insidious smoke will kill us all - but as I remember it, a saloon bar coalition of me and my mates would have made a hell of a lot better job of running the country than the bunch of slimy, arrogant, stupid toads who run it now.

And even if we were useles at running the country, we would, at least, have had the humility to agree that we were crap, instead of doubling down on our stupidity.

Do I detect a slight lack of empathy, Kevin? Calm down, dear, and slip over to your local for a pint, oh, shut down has it? What can I suggest? Perhaps you could slip over to Spain and join Timbo in self-appointed exile!

Whitewall may not be too far off the mark. Greece could be facing the return of the Colonels. And the so called Greek Reds cuddling up to Putin is unhelpful. The fact is is that the commies gained power and still want capitalism just like Putin.

AEP in the newspaper formerly known as the Torygraph and nowadays as teh Barclay Brothers Beano has likened the Greek crisis to the Itaq war of the euro.

Personally it looks more to me like Stalingrad.

But 'Cuffers' am I to assume the EU are the Huns and the Greeks the Russians? In which case, the Russians won!

A mighty struggle, and a turning point.

I think in years to come this Greek business will be seen as a turning point in the history of the EU.

From the Brussels "elite" (how I detest that word in that context!) there is no good ending; whatever happens now is bad.

And they're certainly not in the slightest concerned for the well being of the Greek people.

Sorry, continuing my metaphor, rather like Hitler and Stalin - not quite so utterly bloodsoaked admittedly, but with the same callous disregard for the well being of a) EU-wide taxpayers who have been placed on the hook for hundreds of billions of banks' bad debts and b) Greek citizens whose best interests would obviously be served by a dose of IMF default decouple devalue followed by virtually certain recovery provided Syriza wasn't at the helm, but the point is they wouldn't be if the crisis had been well managed from the start.

This is really historical. Who would have thought a desperate communist government would be negotiating to stay in a capitalist system. Politicians trying to make themselves redundant. Even Cuba tried to hang on a bit.

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