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Friday, 05 June 2015


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"[W]e 'thesps', amateurs as well as pros, in fact even more so with us amateurs, are prone to the occasional hissy fit. Nostrils are frequently flared"

Well. Flared nostrils David would seem to make you superbly qualified.

And David, You'll get to wear a Uniform!


I thought you were taking the piss Duffers so I googled it. He did exist. Poor bastard, fancy going through life with a name like that.

"Taking the piss"?! This is a deeply serious blog, AussieD, as you can see from JK's contribution.

Actually, JK, dog crap on the pavement does indeed make my nostrils flare!

Men who have dogs are probably sad and lonely after his wife has buggered off. The smell of the dog reminds him.

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