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Sunday, 21 June 2015


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Of course the flat tax is a great idea and everywhere it's been tried i's been a great success ( er, not that many places in fact, somwhere in the baltics if I'm not mistaken).

But as it would lead to the redundancy of a large number of tax inspectors, lawyers, consultants and accountants, buggins' law ensures that hell will freeze over before.

George Osborne was a proponent of flat tax - till he became chancellor!

"buggins' law ensures that hell will freeze over before." And if it is important enough, fight 'em on ice.

David, has it ever been mentioned to y'all over there that some of you speak funny--"'that be a foo furlongs furver west than Zummerzet so 'e be a west country lad',"

Nonsense, 'Whiters', it's all perfectly clear, even JK understands it!

JK does...? I'm done for. Guess I need to hare off to the woods.

Sumpin' Whitewall, 'parently yoo ain't awares of. I been angaged in learnin' David proper Ainglish for wot izzit now David - goin' on since nearabouts two naught naught and seben?

Probly ain't awares neither I got me one of them there Laubach Ainglish Teechur's Certifyers. With an embossified stamp an' everthing.

(An' inspite of how yoo mighta herd TBH etc etc elsewheres when I was in properly speakin' University I wuz a double-major: Ainglish & Hist'ry!

Tain't no reglar plain ol' Navy Airedale you is speechifying with heren'on D&N I'll ave yoo naw!)

Incidentally David, not all churches are "gun free zones."

I can't speak from personal knowledge except for Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri. Should Michael Adams stick his head in here I think it likely we'd find *some* Texas churches ain't gun-free either.


(Hey Whitewall?

I noted your comments over on Dip's .. couple of others where I've never commented .. you know the drill.

Since you've come aboard here on the "Good Ship Duff" (I'm tempted to go with 'boat' for the reasons you and I'd in regular use, use ... but you do catch my drift do you not[?).

Anyway WW, there's a "Common Friend" David 'introduced' and there I had the great fortune to make acquaintance with Andra.

The Lady, regardless of *how your opinion **might be** nevertheless, in an Other-Wise World we two, would consider an OathKeeper. (Well maybe aside from the great "Lesbian Stick" caper.)

But what I actually am meaning here - she's got extremely good sources and I believe it's not only me who'd honestly describe her, "Friend."


"Words, words, words".
Have you noticed it's always the leftwards who expropriate perfectly good wholesome words and assign new meanings?

Yes, I do want to be gay again.

Just release your inner self, Timbo, do a few twirls, throw your hat in the air, laugh out loud and be proud of your gaiety!

JK, what's alarming is that I am learning to understand our host, many of his countrymen as well as you and some of our countrymen. Without effort I might add. I too was a double major in college--getting in and getting out.

Regarding language, I am told that if I were to wake up one day in a town on the coast of Cornwall, I would likely not understand a word spoken. Similar I hear to the challenge outsiders face when they visit the North Carolina Outer Banks and listen to descendants of the original settlers.

JK, I see Andra here at times. Fine lady I think. Oath Keeper I understand.

Timbo, the Left has always made it a habit to grab the vocabulary. It is the means by which they eventually control the institutions. Without this control, they are not capable of much else.

Well I was a Morris dancer while I lived in England...

Yet another proof of Duff's Law, that all men's hobbies are incomprehensible to other men!

Timbo. I had the pleasure of meeting a Morris dancing group in Maidstone then Warwick and of all places Borough Market London. I blended in well and we all had a Gay time. I will be specific, we got pissed.

Of course spree shooters seek out "gun-free" zones.

It is one thing to be criminally insane; quite another to be an imbecile.

Thank you, Malcolm, as neat a piece of legalistic parsing as one could wish for. I don't want to insult you but you should have been a lawyer!

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