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Sunday, 07 June 2015


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A lucky escape indeed... However, as a firm supporter of democracy I am of the firm belief that whoever is in power, there must be a viable opposition capable of holding the Government of the day to account.

I am less than impressed by the facts that the two main left-wing parties, Labour and the Nats who should be natural allies on many things, are currently tearing lumps out of each other INSTEAD of opposing the Government.

David Cameron's judgment is still as catastrophic as ever. His recent statement to Muslim extremists which went something like, "Even if you obey the law, we are still coming after you" only proves my point. The guy is a complete menace and a viable opposition is needed as it has never been needed before.

All you liberals and lefties out there - for God's sake, get your frigging act together. BRITAIN NEEDS AN OPPOSITION WORTHY OF THE NAME.

Now steady on, Richard, 'Dave' might be dim but he's not a proto-Hitler! And in our parliamentary system, whichever party is in power, the real 'opposition' usually comes from *inside* the ruling party. For example, there is already a 50-man group forming inside the parliamentary Tories to start an 'OUT' campaign from Europe irrespective of whatever bit of paper 'Dave' waves when he flies back in from his 'negotiations'.

Cameron is too dim to be "a proto Hitler" David, and my comment on his judgment (or lack thereof) stands. Effective opposition as you rightly say, often comes from within the governing party. However, it is all a numbers game, and for the opposition of 50 or so rebellious Tories to be really effective they need large numbers dissenting voices from the opposition benches to make a difference.

I can only repeat that it is a huge pity that those self-same opposition MPs seem to be fighting each other like cats and dogs rather than doing their job... WHICH IS TO OPPOSE.

Boris on a Panzer roll here: -

He makes some good points: -

Time to realize this is not Dunkirk in our relationship with Europe, rather it is D-Day, and this time there's no boccage and we've got better tanks, so it's time to break out of the beach head and KICK SOME EURO ARSE PDFQ.

As for "not so Dim Dave" being a proto-Hitler, as Boris says, he got the victory by taking the middle ground that was once occupied by Blair, and vacated by Miliband. So no need to worry Richard, we can do without an opposition for a decade or so under these circumstances.


Also, I've been wondering, as I'm sure y'all have, what "Not so Dim Dave" is going to do if he comes back from Brussels with what is palpably duck all. Will he really go for an out campaign? What might be his alternative in this, the almost inevitable, scenario?

Well here's my guess: Offer us another in / out vote at the beginning of the next term, if the Tories are re-elected, of course!

So just when Juncker the Drunker thinks he's tucked the Brits up and can retire to the bar for a well earned watering, he'll have to do it all again in 5 years. And every 5 years until the Euros give us what we want.

And since the Brits are extremely wary of Europe, the opportunity to keep validating or reject the EU every 5 years is a great vote winner.

A bit of stamina is required, what with everyone being a tad sick of elections. I actually quite like them. But for those exhausted ones, remember those fine words: -

"If you're going through hell, keep going".


I liked this paragraph of Boris's:

You can’t begin talks by telling our friends in the rest of Europe we hate the whole Brussels caboodle, and are determined to recommend a No. Why, in the face of such fundamental negativity, should they make any concessions to Britain? And symmetrically it would be ludicrous to tell them that whatever happens we will want to stay in the club, and can therefore be counted on supinely to vote Yes to continued membership. That would rightly be seen as hopeless tactic, and, again, unlikely to produce reforms or concessions of any substance. There is only one way forward, and that is to enter the negotiations in good faith, but to make clear that if we don’t see progress then we must be prepared to walk away.

The key question is just how much Dave will gain. Not very much in my view but just enough to let him urge an "IN" vote which, I suspect, he will win. The only possible game-changer is a truly messy 'Grexit'. That could change a lot of British minds.

Lawrence? I noted your sentence;

"Time to realize this is not Dunkirk in our relationship with Europe, rather it is D-Day, and this time there's no boccage and we've got better tanks ..."

Quite right. Perhaps you might see to it your "Dad's man Dave" gets this picture into his hands before he skips over to Germany;

(Go ahead David, yes yes I realize it's the BBC but still ...)

Well, it should get a few cheers in Greece!

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