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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


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Dock that nigger a days pay for laying down on the job, Oh Do Dah Day. Had to laugh at Channel 4 News last night when they gave a warning that people may be offended by Obama saying the nigger word. I get a bit pissed off hearing Sturgeon and Salmond being mentioned and ramned down our throats by the media but I do not need councelling.

Jimmy, I sense that you watched the original "Blazing Saddles" some years ago. One of the funniest movies ever if it is not "bleeped" at certain times. It was funny because nobody was spared.

Whitewall. One of my favourites. Madelin Kahn now deceased was great as she was in Young Frankenstein.
Whats happening over ye auld Confederate Flag?

The American Emperor has had his usual effect. The confederate flag is No 3 on Amazon's sale list.

Update on my last - Amazon have stopped selling confederate flags. I shall have to shop somewhere else.

To be sure BOE, the Arkansas flag but don't tell anybody for awhile:

"The design remained unchanged until 1923, when the General Assembly added a fourth star to the central diamond to represent Arkansas’s membership in the Confederate States of America."

But BOE Ssssh for an acceptable period - we's po people!

Nothing *need be said* if'n you can hep yousef?

A'sides Y'all Britishers who got us into this mess in the first place ...

... Well maybe the Portuguese and the Yemeni Straits Arab Inc. - which must not in the US be mentioned ... might deign to explain y'alls part. Accepting y'all Brits would'na got into it it the first place had it not been for Prince Henry circumnavigating Africa


Yain't even gonna come to my aid when we both realize Cervantes hisself was captured and enslaved where *MY US Niggers're" saying it's

All My Fault?



Cheer up, JK, and send a message up to Barney for a resupply!

Eh. David that'd be my normal er, regular recourse e'cept as I'm understanding it now Obama's got "a plan" to water California.

And where's *most* of the US' water presently ... and how Government *works* presently leaves me (and I figure recent History via Malcolm

to be of a Bad Moon Rising - if you Britishers catch my drift). ???

I'm actually David, pretty cheery - how's you an' your Greek buddies accommodating? Your Wehrmacht Finance Chancellor?

Well David. Have fun. Wanna buy a Confederate-themed US flag?

Fairly reasonably?

Thank goodness - Amazon UK still sells confederate flags! I understand that the confederate flag is still OK in the state of Arkansas. That's because Bill Clinton signed that into law. How embarrassing!

Erm ... uhmm ... BOE?

Mind now BOE I'm just suggesting er, ah, ... well;

You've BOE no doubt heard the term "Blood Diamonds"?

Nevermind. It probably was just a rumor Hillary smuggled the Whitewater proceeds out of Arkansas un*cunt*ventionally; still, I'd rinse with bleach ...


But then I dunno. There was a tale going around Arkansas when Bill Clinton was the Attorney General - it was said, "Hillary is so tight, shove charcoal up her arse and in two weeks she'll export diamonds"

I can't express any opinions about any of that stuff BOE because at that decade I was nearabouts where you was.

Apologies David. I got mentally sidetracked.

Thank you, JK, you're, er, a diamond!

Just a late comment---being Southern has nothing to do with that flag. We don't own one in our home. Never have. Don't need it. It proves nothing. Owning a confederate flag and waving it around no more makes one "Southern" that some nut standing in the street waving a Bible makes him a Christian.

JK, I amplified a bit more on Dip's blog.

"The upland counties of northern Arkansas, where slavery was not a major component of the local economy, contained a large number of people opposed to the Confederacy, and one of the first manifestations of resistance was the formation of the Arkansas Peace Society—also occasionally referred to as the Home Protection Society, Home Guard, and various other names at the time. Van Buren, Izard, Carroll, Fulton, and Marion counties proved the strongholds of resistance. The various groups that fell under the banner of the Arkansas Peace Society had their own constitutions, oaths, passwords, and signs. According to later testimony, a yellow rag or ribbon displayed outside the home was a symbol of that household’s affiliation—thus the Confederate appellation of “yellar rag boys.” Estimates of the total membership of the society reach as high as 1,700, though the names of only 240 are known. The society, though anti-Confederate, did not necessarily form to fight the Confederacy. As historian Ted Worley writes, “The society intended to protect itself at home….Left to itself in peaceful dissent, the brotherhood probably would have been merely a Unionist island of passive resistance.”

I read your comment Whitewall and I approve and can not improve. Read that link if you will Sir.

Twenty-six of my direct ancestors were marched in chains down to first Batesville (Independence County) nine gave in there and were transported across the River. All died away from Arkansas, Mississippi (Battle of Corinth as far as we know). The remainder continued in chains to Little Rock. Faced with "do or die" they did.

Twelve are buried in Federal Cemeteries. Two are listed on the Cenotaph of my maternal line's family resting place. No graves though. One we think likely fell at Antietam as a Confederate but "we" don't know - the entire Regiment fell.

There's alot "we" don't know.

What we, pretty much everybody who kens these mountains and had kin hereabouts at that time: there weren't many flags flying of any sort. It was brutal in the Ozarks. Guerrilla Warfare is pretty close.

I have one single cousin ate up with hatred - last time I saw him was 1998 the day of his Mom's, my Mom's sister's funeral.

That cousin and I share only one thing surprisingly, a name. He talks as if he had a relative famous as a Cavalry General - pretty common around these parts nowadays. Must've been a helluva lot of Confederate Generals running around so I can understand why the Confederacy lost.

None of the rest of "us" can trace a Confederate General, one Lieutenant maybe but he's resting at, as earlier mentioned, Antietam.

'Nother difference between me and that cousin, not nothing I care to brag about as it ain't proper fittin' - I been in loud angry places an' some guys I knew was too and I remember 'em. Their kin lives pretty far off some more than others. I know and remember them too.

I don't own a flag myself. I got a Razorback plate on the front bumper of my red Chevy pickup.

And that's about that. Excuse any mis-spellings in this case.

Hmmmn! Some old wounds take for ever to heal.

David. I'm gonna link a map showing the "significant battles" in Arkansas. On the east edge is the Mississippi River, note *Helena SE quadrant - that had to be taken before the river could come under control. Arkansas really didn't figure much except as a staging area to lay siege to Vicksburg which I figure you know.

To the direct north is Missouri. To Missouri's west is Kansas. Missouri and Kansas had been in a state of general war since the 1840s - you've heard of a feller name of Jesse James? Locate Pea Ridge trace two Arkansas counties east - Clay County Missouri is 30 miles north of there.

Where the western border is straight-edged, that was Indian Territory. Nowadays the Indians scalp white people in casinos. But when Texas (lower-most SW corner) seceded, a feller name of Ben McCulloch made heap big pow-wow and the scalping was actual.

The southern border with Louisiana was pretty swampy so movements in force were arduous. Of course to control the whole Mississippi River the Port of New Orleans had to be taken and held - recall a feller name of Andy Jackson?

Anyway, my general purpose in putting the link to the map is, you'll note a (imaginary) line south from Pea Ridge to Devil's Backbone - 10 o'clock a county over from Hill's Plantation then 1 o'clock north?

Notice there don't appear anything of "significance"?

That because in that "roughly triangle" north into a two-tier county West to East line across Missouri there *weren't no sides* Federal or Confederate. Everybody was mad at everybody else.

That part of Arkansas was, what we'd call today "a free fire zone."

And yep the people of the Central Highlands don't cotton much to the folks along the roughly two counties bordering The River to the east & the people up there in the NW corner might as well be on another planet - even unto today.

The Hatfields & McCoys of Kentucky/West Virginia got all the Press while The Tutt Everett blood-feud made the Hatfields and the McCoys look like they was all merely rowdy dancing partners. Killing'est feud in American History.

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