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Friday, 12 June 2015


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David that word intellectual is strange. Who is actually intellectual and who decides. Lets face it we have listened to lots of so called intellectuals in our time. I thought Enoch Powell was a very clever bloke and great servant to Britain but others think not. But I did like Enoch and what he had to say.
I am sure the Yanks will get it right some time or other as they have in the past.

I think Elizabeth Warren will be the next President. Not as ugly as Granny Clinton and a Red Indian to boot.

I agree, Jimmy, that the word 'intellectual' has had the meaning gang-banged out of it. I have decided that henceforth I shall use it in two ways, intellectual without inverted commas means the true sense of someone who is interested in ideas, and 'intellectual' with inverted commas means a dimwit with pretentions!

And talking of dimwits, BOE, they do not come much dimmer than 'Fauxcahontus' - although she has enormous cunning.

Well, dimness doesn't seem to be a problem. I didn't mention that she is also a democrat and a woman. It must be time for a female president. And having tried out a black one, it must be time for a Red Indian.

Walker knows that to flush away the Leftist control of anything, it is necessary to let the bowl fill to overflowing so the public can understand. Then, pull the handle. Repeat.

The "trade deal" gets no play outside Washington as people's eyes just glaze over. Organized Labor pulled out all the stops on this one. Initially this is only interesting because it is a humiliating defeat for Obama at the hands of his own party. They owe him nothing. Some form of this "deal" will come back and that form will be passed. Walker's position will not matter. Heck, The Red Queen didn't even take a position. That won't matter either.

"Organized Labor pulled out all the stops on this one. Initially this is only interesting because it is a humiliating defeat for Obama at the hands of his own party."

It being kind of a slow new-day yesterday WW, I found myself watching C-Span. I'd agree that Organized Labor pulled some number of stops but it seemed to me so too did The House GOP Leadership.

There's what, 188 Democrats (246 Republicans)? And the vote which will ultimately have to go to Reconciliation was ... well, in the words of the NYT;

"The Democratic revolt left Republican leaders trying to summon support from their own party for trade adjustment assistance, a program they have long derided as a waste of money and a concession to organized labor. Eighty-six Republicans voted for the program, more than double the 40 Democrats who supported it. But the trade adjustment assistance bill failed when 303 voted against it.

Republican leaders then passed, in a 219-to-211 vote, a stand-alone bill that would grant the president the trade negotiating authority he sought."

JK, yes I know, but the headlines immediately showed the big story, not the follow up.

And to be sure Whitewall, I'm in total agreement with David's Point #4 (fifth paragraph above) that when I say House "Leadership" there's the inaudible [RINO].

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