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Thursday, 04 June 2015


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Any head of any labour union would be the shot. We have some to spare with plenty of experience in gathering ill-gotten gains.
Then there's the soon to be out of work FIFA blokes.

"His Rotundity" the Governor occupies 3 places in both queues

I'd been right there for ya David except I recall the very post you put up the very day "our Obama" took the Oath of Office. And yet you lament;

"I have just sacked (see comments to previous post) the erstwhile Chairman of my PAC, 'JK', for gross insubordination so there's a job going for someone. You need to be able to finagle money out of people on the basis of utterly false promises"

(I'd include a *particular link* on what's followed-on but I'd like to keep seeing Whitewall visiting which, were I to, I'm afraid he'd lose more than the little faith in the D&N Forecasting Accuracy he's managed without - what came before!)

I've asked you for years to run for the top office. As the self-declared chairman of "Duff for President", I must advice you that you will lose the jersey vote, even mine, if you continue to say "joisey". That's a New York accent. We in jersey have been fighting this for decades.

See here.

Gahrd Dom. You put up a Santorum website link the other day and, sometime later somebody sent me a ... well, some body calling into the guy.

Not like C-Span or nothing I mean ... just watching the demeanor as the caller went on ... everything'll be, uhm "funny" I suppose once we have Election 2016 behind us.

Erhm. We'll still have Duff contending I suppose. Might be/ might not be - worse.

You'll likely be as amazed as me Dom, David had a damned thing to do with swimming? !!

Who'd a thunk it?

Nice one, Whitewall.

JK, I don't quite see the relevance of the link you provided but, by Jove, it was a jolly good post, one of my best, I think!

Sorry, Dom, 'ya gotta blame that guy Frankie Sinatra'! However, from now on nothing but the Queen's English beautifully enunciated when referring to Noo, ooops, sorry New Jersey!

Just how is it David, I bat 1.000 everytime I post one of your old links with me thinking, "David will surely see he's been an equal opportunity basher of the Party-Of-Late thus, Recognizing same ol' same 'ol

And yet ... and yet ... it's always, "One of my best?"


(I'm beginning to think the job offer working down here an aisle over from the Churchill repositories of the British Museum where the Duff depositories wasn't so much 'a leg up' as it was being Found a King Buried 'Neath a Parking Lot' but ... such is my lot I suppose getting assigned by your MI6 to find where you'd turned off

ah well. But what David, has it to've done with me getting buried down here?)

Don't "quite see the relevance" David?

January 20th following our POTUS elections is the date we "swear in" our newly elected.

You're familiar with those Seven posts David you typed immediately before and after that Single post I linked?

Whitewall you think maybe reckon you the Isaac 'Call Me Dave' Newton you've managed fairly recently?

No, JK, I an not familiar with the seven posts I wrote in or around January 2009 and nor do I intend to read them now - God I'm a boring old fart! However, I will quote my shrewd/intelligent/insightful/'stoopid' (delete accordingly) paragraph from the immediately preceding post from your link:

"One thing is clear from this campaign, Obama (and/or his advisors) have carefully obscured reality. Today, we are no wiser concerning this man than the day he threw his hat in the ring. That's smart politics! My American Democratic e-friends are lyrical with joy and are convinced that he is the answer to all their perceived problems. Equally, my Republican e-friends, now that they have run out of Jack Daniels in which to sink their sorrows, have no idea what, precisely and exactly, he will do."

I can live with that assessment!

Well JK and David, I followed that link back to 2009 and saw the exact names of intellectuals.."The full hideous panoply of this monsters world view permeates western civilisation (channeled by Hegel, Marx, Heidegger and many others including Nietzsche - who's just a bit player surely?)". Obama is not really the cause of all that is happening, his arrival is merely the symptom of generations of gradual rot within the west. GK Chesterton wrote a piece in his day regarding the carnage those "mad German thinkers" had brought to the world of the 20th century, and GK had only seen a third of it. He was certainly right in his predictions.

JK, sorry, this one is not coming to mind..."Whitewall you think maybe reckon you the Isaac 'Call Me Dave' Newton you've managed fairly recently?"

I'm at the coast with all my fishing gear and am in the process of laying waste to a certain species of one of my favorite fish. Well ok, I have 8 so far. But when you can't think big, you can always lie big. That's the beauty of fishing.

Well Yeah, Christie is a bit of a fatty, but remember last time?

"Young Obama has a lean and hungry look."

See where that got us.

Note, if I had a vote in the US primaries the last of the GOP candidates I would vote for would be Chtistie. Wait, remind me of the field again. Santorum you say? Bush?

Walker is the one I have my eye on although we are yet to see how he stands up to the 'muck and bullets' of a truly vicious campaign, that's the one against his fellow Republicans, of course!

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