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Thursday, 02 July 2015


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Shakespeare and the East End. That I may like to hear. Kat Moon as Juliette. Ha!

She might do nicely as 'Mistress Overdone'! Actually, I am deeply grateful that finally the 'Memsahib' weaned herself off 'East Enders' some years ago and I haven't watched it since. Mind you, I admired many of the actors in it - very professional.

We are way behind you lot here. Dennis was just killed. It is a good excuse to stay in bed a little longer on a Saturday morning.

I'm not sure who 'Dennis' is but who the hell needs an excuse to lie in on a Saturday morning?!

You are the late Andrew Sachs and I claim my 10 pounds.

No, no, 'Cuffers', you mean Errol Flynn, surely!

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