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Thursday, 09 July 2015


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David, you manage a neck tie very well. I also put you-in the photo-at a bit over 6 feet tall.

You taking up my steganographic habits there David? Seems to me you're doing a bit of the subliminal messaging including that particular photo.

You look the spitting image of the UK version Donald Trump!

"What do you think of the rug?"



How is being a very smooth MI5 agent different from being a very smooth "previously owned" car sales man?

No acting required, just be yourself.

Thanks, 'Whiters', but I think I have mentioned before in these hallowed columns that I am the Founder, President-for-Life and, alas, so far the only member of S.P.O.T. - the Society for the Preservation of Ties. Also, alas, I'm only 5'-10" on a good day and wearing my heels!

Dammit, JK, my 'hairpiece' is much better quality than Trump's!

Hank, those "No acting required, just be yourself" were the sort of roles I excelled in!

Very fetching outfit, Duffy. And the wig adds gravitas - not that it's needed, of course.

"...American communists who had worked for Soviet espionage for decades..."

It amazes me that there are still people who deny that this happened, that the Comintern was real, and that Senator McCarthy - despite his undoubted boorishness and bullying - was actually acting on real suspicions and real dangers.

Reading this book might open their eyes - but there are none as blind as those who won't see.

Duffers - you are Robert Redford and I claim my 10 pounds.

Channelling Michael Cain I see.

Thank you, Oswald, you are, of course, entirely right!

Andrew, I read the synopsis via your link. More or less the same thing happened to Lonsdale when he went home to Russia after being swapped for a capture British agent. Very soon he 'died' in mysterious circumstances.

'Cuffers', I know you mean well but in future can you please liken me to a proper die-hard 'Rightie' like John Wayne, not that dripping wet 'Leftie, Redford!

Dear Miss Red, you may need to go to 'Specsavers'!

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