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Thursday, 23 July 2015


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David. London, England, Wales, Ulster, Scotland even Devon and Somerset was an armed camp when Herman Luftwaffe was bombing the shit out of our ancestors and the fuckin Irish Republic were neutral NAZI lovers that thought Adolf would fuck the British. On a lighter note we won and many thanks to the USA who stationed troops in Ulster for the big push. However how many troops were trained and stationed in ROI! to fight Herman. Answer none, only those who could wear civvies and cross the ROI border. And it is strange the ignorance among USA citizens that come back to dear old oireland that do not have a clue.

How many lives of British and American Merchant Seamen were lost be because of De Valera's refusal to allow Allied anti-submarine ships and aircraft to us the Treaty Ports to extend their reach into the Atlantic by about 400 miles? Something else Americans aren't told about.
I loathe this 'do anything for the Ould Sod' (except live there) American-Irish sentimentalism. I'll bet they were still collecting money in the Irish bars of Boston and New York in support of Irish terrorists murdering British citizens on British soil at the same time as Arab terrorists were murdering American citizens on American soil on that 9/11.

Calm down, Jimmy. However, you are right to mention that in both world wars a substantial number of Irishmen volunteered for British service.

Point taken, Oswald, and at times American humbuggery can be hard to take.

David. It will be sometime in the future and we will have one foot in the grave when we find out that the PIRA were told to draw their necks in. I reckon the truce in Ireland was down to 9/11 and the Yanks telling the scumbags to put on hold their cause.

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