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Friday, 31 July 2015


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and a noble dome it was! Hollywood should have noticed.

David you have an uncanny resemblance of Paul Scofield!

I blame my agent, Whiters!

If only, Jimmy, I had the talent in my whole body that he had in his little finger!

Well, you look very actorish and even rather myopic, which was clever of you.

I was almost certainly trying to remember what the hell my next line, was, Andra!

I recognise one of my photos...

Er, the cheque's in the post, 'onest, Guv!

I remember your absolutely refusing to adorn your face for the part, despite my repeated attempts to persuade you - and then months, or possibly a year or two, later you informed me that I shouldn't have let you get away with it!

Men - 'heh'! Actors - double 'heh'! Sorry, Stella, but I did give you a dome!

(For the benefit of my other reader, Stella was my long suffering director on "The Boy Juliet".) look like a bloke I once met in a pub in Grimsby.

And they don't come much stranger than what you find in a Grimsby pub!

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