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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


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Woah there.

The torpedo was an explosive on the end of a pole, not what you're thinking of. Rather dangerous to the user.

Second, the French actually did commission him

Third, the British counter plan was devilish fiendish: they paid him to come to England.

I'm sure a literary man like yourself is au fait with the scribblings of Bernard Cornwell and his Sharpe books? Very well worth reading as informative about the Napoleonic wars, well written and fun, and of course Sharpe always wins.

Not quite on a par in terms of pure literary genius with Patrick O'Brian, to be hyper-critical, but excellent nonetheless.

Sorry, TDK, if I skipped a few details but you must remember that most of my readers suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder so I have to keep my posts short and to the point. Actually, not many of them really have ADD, it's just that the buggers have difficulty reading!

Yes indeed, Cuffers, back in the day I read some of the Sharpe tales and enjoyed them.

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