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Saturday, 18 July 2015


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David, if it is to be OZ, make your application humbly. I understand the natives appreciate manners.

Really? Can't say I've noticed, 'Whiters'!

David, I listened to him on Jeremy Vine and what a gob shit but he did wangle out of what I believe is his fundamentalist views. He may get invited to ISIL decapitation events. I would like to hear Wee Diddie David Steeles view on him.

Well, you can't come here; we're full of Kiwis.
However, happily, New Zealand has room for you since all the Kiwis are here.
You'd have to learn to say fush und chups and wear jandals.
They haven't got any snakes so you'd like it there.

Well, Andra, I had my eye on your neck of the Aussie woods but now I hear its freezing cold and snowing!

Wrong again!
It's what we call cold but you would probably enjoy it. 25.C ....(around 75 F).
Where the sleet and snow is happening is over 1000 miles from me.
Cairns is in the Tropics.
But you still can't come here, I'd probably corrupt the memsahib.

"I'd probably corrupt the memsahib". Never mind her, it's me that's looking for a bit of 'corruption'! Anyway, if I am driven from these shores then I will make sure to bring you some Long Johns, you can't be too careful, you know!

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