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Friday, 24 July 2015


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Then it is a good time for Russia to start another war to divert the public mind. It is also a good time for what is left of the West to further supply Russia's targets with weapons. Bog them down in a costly pointless campaign.

Oi, the Speccie has lifted my middle east strategy ...

... bloody plagiarist cheek. But apparently Vespian thought of it first.

I mean, what have the Romans ever ...


Soon, your wish will be granted Lawrence! By about 2020, the RAF will be down to about 15 fastjets - the F-35. They will not be able to carry or use their weapons - if there are any. The Army will just about be big enough to defend one corner of Salisbury Plain and the Navy will have run out of fuel. So, Mr Cameron's successor will just have to sit around twiddling his thumbs

Now look here, 'SoD', how dare you contradict m'Lords Richards and Dannatts both ex-Chiefs of Staff. At least I reached the rank of Corporal (substantive, mind!) which is more than you did!

"So, Mr Cameron's successor will just have to sit around twiddling his thumbs" - so not all bad, then, BOE!

Now if we could just persuade the Russians and Chinese to have a go at each other, we'd have a "Double Vespasian" on the go, in the same military league as the "Double Cannae", and there'd be nothing left for our Mil-Persons left to do.


BOF. No need to worry if Corbyn gets in he will just use his persuasive powers and say to our enemies, ' gonnae no dae that'.

Raise a toast to good ol' Vespasian, and a little sing song, kicking off with Freddy Mercury's "Boom boom boom, and another one bites the dust": -

Notice, all you "if we let them go over there, they'll all come back and terrorize us" nay Sayers, the only one who came back is in jail, and the rest are working their way through their allotment of virgins.

Cheers Vespasian!


Oh Lordy, sometimes it's just too perfect ...


Well done, SoD, that started my (wet) day with a laugh!

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