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Thursday, 23 July 2015


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I think Yvette was considered fairly unelectable at the outset, and so a good candidate from our point of view - my concern is that she might turn out a bit of a Sturgeon-like populist nazi and deliver a labour landslide, which would be the end of Great Britain.

There is another side to Labour party electability, (or not), and that is Tory party electability, (or not).

There will, between now and the next election, be the usual tory scandals - sex, money, expenses etc. - as well as an increasing number of outraged twitter mob attacks which will add to the 'nasty party' meme.

Then the media will be full of 'kiddies starving in the streets due to vicious tory cuts' stories, especially now that Osborne might be thinking about maybe actually cutting welfare.

And then dear Dave might not handle the EU renegotiations terribly well and although he will win a yes vote, a lot of tories might flip to UKIP.

And then the lights will go out thanks to the wonderful Department of (NO)Energy and Climate Change.

At which point a labour party led by Stalin with Mao and Pol Pot as deputies would probably walk it.

Though come to think of it, if Corbyn gets the labour job then Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot might seem a dream team by comparison.

At least they weren't fans of ISIS.

I think Corbyn is being deliberately talked up by the Tory press. They cleary want this man to win. Corbyn is against austerity and that is not wrong as those who caused the problem should bear the brunt and not those at the bottom of the shitheap. However he has another agenda and the Israeli people may explain that better than me. And he would not be bothered about a fall out with the USA.

Kevin, you are entirely right in suggesting that the next election is for the Tories to lose rather than Labour, whoever is the leader, to win. There are some signs of severe economic weather approaching which could cause the Tory ship to sink.

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