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Sunday, 05 July 2015


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"Despite old enmities built up over the centuries between the various European nations, they will bury them all on an instant when given the chance to express their mutual detestation of all thing British". That's why God put the English Channel where He did. He knew something could one day go very wrong on the east side of it.

Speaking of outmoded maniacs, I see Unite has backed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader. I wish them every success.

Yes, indeed, 'Whiters', 21 miles of precious sea - if only our leaders would remember!

Ah yes, Mort, 'McCluskey & Corbyn', a marriage made in hell - unless you're Tory, of course, in which case one cheers them on - jolly good show, should keep us in power for 20 years!

By George, it looks like Grand Dame Hellen, senior of seniors in the great Western family, has shown the Jerries the bird.

And 60 - 40 too, so no civil war.

2,000 years and it seems the Greeks have grown a fine pair.

Now, if I was Irish (which as y'all know I am, albeit Anglo-Norman Irish), Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian, I'd be unfurling my middle finger and raising my right arm PDFQ in support. Why should I live as a Jerry vassal and EU / ECB / IMF debt colony when others are free?

About time Blighty hits the D-Day beaches in support of the continental resistance before it's too late to join the victory parade without blushes? Wouldn't want to miss the chance to shape Europe to the Anglo-Saxon model, would we?

Or are we going to do a Ukip runner, and show the world we seem to have lost our pair over the last 2,000 years?


Nothing much. Just thank you for your scribblings. Always interesting, often amusing. Your drinking companions are very fortunate.

Wow, just imagine what will happen to the Euro if Greece starts printing 20 Euro notes and creating Euros electronically, while at the same time putting a claim through the ECJ in defence of its action on the basis of failure by the EU / ECB to implement a stable currency, which could take years to conclude? : -

If the markets don't shred the Euro on that news, I don't know what will,


Thanks, 'Doonhamer', and count yourself lucky that you only have to read my scribblings. Listening to me in full flood down at the local empties the saloon bar in record time!

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