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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


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Well now we know why the abortionists are so keen on abortion in the USA! They are selling on the bits of babies. They even abort babies so as to safeguard the bits they want to sell. You will notice that I don't call them foetus.

"Foetuses?" "Foetii?" Oh for a classical education like what our genial host's got!

Spelling, Thake, spelling! '... like wot our genial host ...'. A hundred lines on my desk before lunch!



I loved the book, but I don't remember that quote! It's terrific. Thanks for passing it along.

Did the rest of you see the video that BOE is talking about?

I didn't see it, Dom, but I read about it and that was enough to make me feel sick!

Dom you might recall "we here on D&N" had an idea what *the procedures* was like - just not The Why. (You Dom especially as I recall, you sent David the initial link that led David to issue positively a Warning: Do Not Proceed If You Had Breakfast!)

Which I will Repeat. D&N Regulars might just be advised to rather, read Michelle Malkin's words - second link:

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