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Saturday, 11 July 2015


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Yep, I think Dave was betting on a Grexit, and for once his luck ran out.

(This all assumes the bailout will be ratified, there is just a slight chance that Schauble, the German people, the Fins, Slovaks, etc. rebel and push for Grexit anyway. We must hope for this of course, because any Grexit, whether inspired by Greece or by a mistake made by the Eurofederalist enemy, is what we want, because it damages the EU sufficiently for Blighty to stay in and reshape Europe to a form of our choosing. We should know pretty soon if the Schauble, German people, Fins, Slovaks, etc. offer any serious resistance.)

In the event the Greek capitulation is ratified, and the Eurofederalist enemy consolidates its victory and new found strength with intransigent terms for Blighty, I wonder if Dave will jump ship and join the "Outs"?

Btw, here's a rather useful, imho, little Venn diagram of the "US of Europe": -

We want the flags to move to the edge, and the enemy wants them in the middle.

Be quite a good board layout for a wargame.


Alas, Lawrence, the link is denied - perhaps 'Juncker the Drunker' got at it!


Try (c&p) copying the link, paste in browser navigation bar, press enter.

Or here it is again shared from my OneDrive: -!87041&authkey=!AGljXepZbLzaiZw&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng

See if that works,


By 'eck, Schaeuble and crew might reject it and go for Grexit! ...

"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake" - NB,


Yes, that worked, thanks, very pretty picture which could change rapidly!

But read my 'ADDITONAL' - all this to save not Greece but, er, Goldman Sachs. No wonder the Yanks are sticking their oar in!

Hey Knocker, you've just been knocked off the podium in the "Grumpy Old Git of the Millennium" competition: -


Just read your "additional"; clever spin, but wasn't it the privates that took the hit in the first haircut?


The smaller banks may have done but the big boys were bought out by the Troika, or you and me as I like to think of it!

And, Lawrence, this looks interesting:

Yep, that map'll be quite animated if Brexit occurs: -


Alas, wishful thinking - for the moment, anyway.

The enemy speaks: -

You can smell their fear. If Schaeuble et al get even the "temporary Grexit" it's the beginning of the end for the Euro and the old EU model.

It all rests on Merkel. Will she dip into her vast reserves of political capital with the Deutsche Volk and kick the Greek can down the road for another few years, or does she treasure her Fatherland treasure more than saving the EU project?

Defo better than Game of Thrones,


This morning's DT:

"An incendiary plan drafted by Berlin's finance ministry, with the backing of Angela Merkel, laid out two stark options for Greece: either the government submits to drastic measures such as placing €50bn of its assets in a trust fund to pay off its debts, and have Brussels take over its public administration, or agree to a "time-out" solution where it would be expelled from the eurozone."

'Ve haf vays of making you pay!'

And the French, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, and Irish know they're next in line if they let the Jerries get away with this torture and murder.

And the Jerries know this lot will default trillions of Euro debt onto their account if they don't execute Greece "pour encourager les autres".

It's easy to see how atrocities occur in war, isn't it?


I hope Dave's strategy will be the same as our strategy is, and should be, for dealing with the Islamic world, and was for dealing with Russia and Germany in WWII and the Cold War that followed: "Play the white man and hold their coats, while the two factions knock the shit out of each other".

Then when both sides are weakened below our strength, advance to Berlin with the Americans and begin a new era in European history: Europe under the Anglo-Saxon model.


Breath-taking strategic analysis, my boy, I wonder where you get it from?

Another thing to blame the Hairies for: Causing Grand Dame Hellen to miss out on Reformation, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Liberalism (with a capital L), and modern Democracy: -

If the middle east is still wandering around in the 7th century AD, Greece is effectively somewhere in the 14-15th centuries: A few Lollards here and there, but with the great leaps forward all ahead of her.


The backlash from the Latinos against Schaeuble et al has arrived: -

I hope Dave the Knave is whispering in Merkel and Schaeuble's ear, "I'll support you with your Grexit plan, if you support me with the "DT 10 commandments".


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