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Sunday, 19 July 2015


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Americans are not allowed to export oil or gas.

I remembered AussieD was to come and inspect Britain right about now. I envy him. But deliberately crossing the Channel to "that side" makes me wonder. If you converse with him again before he reattaches to Oz, tell him "hello".

BOE, that ban was lifted last year, when fracking created a surplus. You can read about it here:

I stand corrected! This means that we are about to live in interesting times. No doubt the Persians will want to sell as much oil as they can, which will force the price down. The US exports will have the same effect and the Persians, Arabs and Russians will all suffer. The final icing on this cake will the collapse of the SNP!

I think, 'Whiters', that he's a bit further north than the Channel but even so one dreads to imagine of what might befall an innocent Aussie in such dangerous European parts!

Well, they've already tried to cut the price of oil, in an effort to undermine the US and others', fracking industries. My son is the head of the software development department for a company that services the sand companies, not just any old sand, mind you, but very special sand for use in the fracking wells. His contacts told him that they could make a profit at forty dollars a barrel, and evidently the Saudis and the Mullahs figured that out, too, and, needing the revenue, ceased that effort.

As the petrolocracy nears it last gasp, here come the Democraps, to bail them out, as they did the Soviets, in the thirties. Once might be ineptitude, twice is very suspicious. Thrice is, beyond all doubt, enemy action.

Actually BOE, Dom, (maybe but I doubt it) Michael;

There's never been a legislated bar to exporting LNG, what was missing was the "ports infrastructure" ... there are at present at least nine such projects underway along our Gulf coast.

There also - is legislation being debated (I think its in reconciliation as I type) in the Congress to lift the ban on crude exports. There's even talks at the DOE - which will also take Congress - to sell of the SOR. The *Strategic Oil Reserve to y'all not so versed in the Hydrocarbons Production Universe.

There's an issue You Guys are gonna have to step up and deal with however when *Our Sort of Crude* gets to You - our's isn't the *Light Sweet* variety y'all have hitherto been used to ... don't know y'alls Greenies are gonna make it easy for some number of Reefineries to pop up on y'alls coasts ... But there is talk of a Rescue which forgive me ... I find delicious.

The Saudis have volunteered to refine it for you .. at some minimal (I'm certain) additional fee!

Really David - when you have these sorts of questions why not just ask (no wait .. I seem to recall introducing you to RigZone) and there's always Cindy down in Houston.

Sorry sorry, took me some bit of time to find, to remember just which date I'd received the study from our GAO having to do with oil/gas exporting stuff

(I'm on the GAO list .. Government Accounting Office .. y'all should be so lucky to get to see the amount of shit I have to wade through .. Fortunately all I really have to pay attention to is Defense Acquisitions .. but somebody recently asked so I knew I'd seen it.)

And, fortunately for y'all, I'm only sending the single page of highlights .. if anybody's interested very much holler, and I'll send the full 47 page entire Report - and y'all wonder at how I'm sometimes driven to be so Crazy. ... The reason actually is pretty easy

Government Produced Reports delivered straight to my inbox!

Y'all want to install one of those little buttons called "delete".
I've got one and it's a doozy!

I wish it were so easy Andra.

You notice (if you clicked that pdf) that study was for the House Agriculture Committee? As it happens that Committee is chaired by a Representative of Arkansas' First District.

I'd greatly prefer sitting in Arkansas reading (and maybe doing) whatever I need to do and staying in Arkansas.

You ever heard what can happen to interns/researchers in Washington DC?

Paul Krugman is a man educated beyond his intelligence.

So, JK, what are you telling me?
You're not allowed OUT of Arkansas any more?
Gonna be arrested if you venture outside ..... I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

No dearest Andra, that's not what I meant. I'm certainly able (indeed often positively encouraged) to leave the confines of Arkansas.


Follow along here Andra as I leave my breadcrumbs.

I receive Government produced reports in my email. My *job* though is Only "Defense Acquisitions" stuff ... however I get Everything the GAO sends out.

The GAO analysis I linked above (19 July 2015 at 19:13) is not of the subject I'm normally tasked to research, However - the House Committee [Agriculture] which made the request has as its Chairman, the First District of Arkansas' Representative.

(Unspoken - perhaps confusingly I admit - the team which *normally handles that sort of stuff* for the Arkansas Congressman, "lost/forgot" where they'd placed the study - and so rather than hunt that *they wondered* ... "Now who do we know has the sort of memory capable of pulling up errata and very quickly? Oh yeah, Duff's Archivist! Maybe we can get him to come to DC and find where it is?"

Which I can do perfectly well from here, Thank you very much anyway.)

Just because Andra you forgot what can happen to Innocents in Washington DC doesn't mean; I have too.

Well, OK but at least stay away from the coast of North Carolina. Apparently the sharks are revolting.

That I will certainly do Andra.

The Whitehouse and Capitol security services are, according to rumor, testing/trialing the newly developed *MLBS and North Carolina being so close to there you can see why I'm staying close to home?

Notice for some North Carolinians, DC is a shortish commute? (And there's a bunch of NC residents on the Federal payroll.)

*Monica Lewinsky Bamdwidth Sonar

David looks like Trump is in there as I said previously. McCain has played the war hero too long.

If Trump wins the Republican nomination I will urge a treaty of friendship with Russia!

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