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Sunday, 26 July 2015


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Giggle! I've plagiarised - sorry, shared - these; we can't keep such fun to ourselves.

Steady on, Jannie, it isn't done to mock the afflicted, well, not too often, anyway!

The Nip's stock market is doing what our market is doing for the heavily invested and well off. The opposite end of the scale is not faring so well. Hence plenty of opportunity for leftist demagogues.

Since the amount of "climate change" is under a great deal of doubt today, its political science cheerleaders have taken on another tack- attacking, impugning and otherwise destroying anyone who stands in there way as being a "climate denier". It is in the same vein as racist or anti-Semite.

Kiddies at the trough. I saw an episode of this at a nice restaurant on the coast a few years ago. This cast had a mom and dad, a 6 year old-approximately, a little rug rat of 2 or 3 and then to round out the cast...the ultimate wild card--grandmother. All bets are off when this saintly creature is at table. Well, little boy does 3 or 4 episodes and mom or g'mom eases the moment after icy stares from the rest of the civilized patrons. Then, and you know it had to happen...the Big One hit with the brat going off the Richter scale. No feminine interventions could stop this one. Dad took over. He reached over the table and grabbed the ornery little rat straight up from his booster seat, slung him over his shoulder and out the door they went. The rest of us were mannerly enough not to applaud but approved. About 20 minutes later Dad and brat came back. Said brat made no sounds of any kind. All were relieved.

'Whiters' in response to your three points, 'Quite', 'Quite' and 'Quite' again!

The Japanese people should take a pragmatic view and a close look at Chinese ambitions.
Japan should be prepared to defend herself and become a solid member of NATO.

I have a killer glare for brats.
I use it in shops and restaurants......kid screams, I do the glare, kid senses the glare, looks at me, I glare, kid shuts up.
Works a treat every time.


If we were to find a time machine and ask your sainted mother if you always were a model of good behavior in restaurants, how long would it take her to stop laughing??

Jimmy, I know they've stretched the definition of the "NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organisation" but Japan might be a stretch too far!

Dammit, Andra, a shiver just ran up my spine!

Hank, happily I can neatly avoid that question because when I was a kiddie-winkie, from 1939 on, going to restaurants was definitely not an option for obvious reasons. Also, I was evacuated from London by my mother and for most of my first six years I lived with a couple in the country. They were super - but stood no nonsense!

David you can fly to Japan in short time now and the World has changed. We could add Pacific and that would do the trick.

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