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Saturday, 25 July 2015


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For sale? Does the current owner come along with the deal for a paid advisor fee for a few months? Or are you to be paid a monthly fee to stay away under a "non compete" agreement? Either way, I am completely unnerved by your news and will arrange a hasty fishing trip in the morning to cope with matters.

Well for goodness sake, Whiters, don't rock the boat!

David I understand rice is used to dry out electrical thingys and you are very dry already, maybe the glowing rice adds some extra sparkle to the dry wit.

I bid 米の一つボウル.

Thank you, Peter, I take after my Dry Martinis!

And you, Uncle Mort, are a tight wad - only one bowl - and not even fried rice?

Well, part of the problem is that you forget the most important person, the one who had glamour and seduction to your column (nudge nudge fnah fnah a wink is as good as a nod to a dead horse) and so on.

Hurry up and write your drama memories from a time I can remember and I might even start commenting again.

Shhhhh, Miss Mayfly, they're all hoping that I will reach the end of my mammoth 'borathon' on my acting 'career' as soon as possible. What they don't realise is that then I will get started on my directing 'career' which is, I believe, where you came in!

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