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Sunday, 12 July 2015


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I understand that 'Sally from the alley' had been unhappy with the physical side of her marriage to John. She is supposed to have told her other bloke that sex was very unsatisfactory with John. "When we're nose to nose, his toes are in, when we're toes to toes his nose is in and when he's in, there's no one to talk to"!

Penseivat, 'you're a very, very naughty boy' 'cos I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

I am sure that joke would be right up Sally's alley. Best laugh in dunkies.

On the other hand it was an opportunity to be rid of her.

oi, Duffers, where's me bleedin' Monday funnies???? !!! It's lunchtime and I've nothing to read.

No sooner said than done, Sir!

Penseivat...maybe "talking" was the problem all along.

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