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Thursday, 02 July 2015


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But in your opinion, JK, can we really take 'The Donald' seriously?

I wish sometimes David, I hadn't been so successful at shooting down your dreams - MDS, MDA come to mind ... 'Your Man Dave' I've never paid that much attention to preferring, BOE seems very apparently qualified where YMD seems concerned.

MDM of course:


No David. We mustn't take "The Donald" seriously except that, the guy does have his finger on the pulse of a lot of the GOP base ... not mine, Whitewall's or Michael Adams even though we've the adequate vaccinations.

I don't know the GOP Establishment has.

"Might take care of" Jeb - figure (and this is just my opinion .. for now) leaves Walker, Paul and Jindal in pretty good shape ... Cruz might be a little hurt but it's too soon to tell.

Thing is though David - at the moment Trumps seems to have "that thang" you been going on and on and on so long about I've kept dismissing - but nowadays I'm more attuned to why you've been saying so much, authenticity if there's one thing "most of the American Electorate" realizes - now - that does matter.

Wildcard is, I think maybe alot of the Republican Audience has only heard of the Trump Reality Shows via the US Media - and since nobody (even the Democrats) believe the Media - well ... right now it's hard to tell.

I'm not wagering yet.

And Hell ... I'd rather have a President Donald than a Jeb or a Hillary. If it's to be an Establishment character or ... well, I think I'm gonna write in George III. Maybe Pitt The Younger.

Trump is pro business which promotes wealth and prosperity. People want wealth and prosperity but do not seem for some strange reason to acknowedge those that work hard to promote it. Trump if he got a hair makeover could be President.

I think Jimmy, you are onto something, as does "our" Pat Buchanan.

And David, you ought for damn sure make note - whether you agree or not with "Our Pat" when it comes to authenticity the guy had it in spades before Authenticity Was Cool.

- ... And as I hinted above, Cruz might be the one "hurt" somewhat; though by Iowa I think (as Cruz seems the only guy with the balls to echo .. however timorously) Trump, that might well turn out to be an advantage for the Texan. Many miles to go before we sleep of course ... -

Alas, I simply do not know enough about the man to decide yet. He is either brilliant, or a brilliant charlatan.

& from that Sabato fellow. Pre-Trump though;

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